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Top 10 Beaches of Croatia

Blue waves calming the sandy shores with the sun peeking out, Croatia is straight out of a Bob Ross painting.
Prerana Jamdarkhana Jul 5, 2019

Queen’s Beach

Stretched for miles, the beach is popular for medicinal mud, Peloid, that soothes muscle and joint pain.

Zlatni Rat

One of the most photographed beaches of Croatia.
Also known as Golden Horn, Zlatni Rat is a strikingly gorgeous spit of land on the island of Brac.

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Banje Beach

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Water-smoothened pebbles and city-view of Dubrovnik makes you long for a day on this beach.

Bacvice Beach

In the town of Split, Bacvice is popular amongst locals and visitors alike.

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Veliki Zali

Near to city Dubrovnik, people escape to this beach for its serenity and beauty.

Spiaza Beach

Pristine water and rustic skin is what this beach on Susak Island swears to everyone who comes to seek her solace.

Dubovica Beach

A swim in the blue waters of Dubovica on Hvar Island, alongside shining sun is sure to be etched in your happy memory for long.

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Proizd Beach

Yet another silent getaway from the crowd, one can seek warmth and peace on the shores of island Proizd.

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Makarska Riviera

Popular for the exotic view, Makarska Riviera is a beautiful stretch of crystalline waters.

Zrce Beach

One can enjoy the pebble beach on Adriatic island for its events, music festivals and nightlife.