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Top 10 Paddle Boarding Spots In The World

Joe Parker Jun 11, 2019
Paddle boarding spots can be easily found in a lot of places. Here are 10 of the best paddle boarding spots we'd like to recommend to you. If you are a paddleboarding enthusiast, you shouldn't miss them.


Bali is great for paddle boarding in any season. The waves here test your SUP skills. Beginners can start on inflatable SUP board and skilled paddlers can try rigid boards. Beaches like Balian and Medewi provide lovely SUP adventure.

Perth, Australia

You will definitely get a memorable paddling experience here in Perth. There are fertile grounds for paddlers to utilize and sharpen their paddling skills. Beginners can go to Swan River and for medium and advanced skills, Cottesloe Beach would offer a more challenging experience.

Malibu, California

Los Angelas is full of places suitable for paddle boarding and Malibu is probably one of the best you can find. Head to Point Dume to experience the mild waves. Malibu Surf Shack is also a place you shouldn't miss.

Causeway Coast, NIR

In Causeway Coast you will find Idyllic coastline, dreamland beaches, and all kinds of reefs which make the paddle boarding sessions even more interesting for you.

Cape Town, ZA

Cape Town in Africa is nothing like what you think. You won't find wildlife safaris and virgin archeological sites here, but flat water and calm ocean. It's a perfect spot for paddle boarding and one can spot paddlers just anywhere.

Namotu Island, Fiji

Fiji is one of those places that you would think to be the perfect tourist destination. In Namotu Island you will find dazzling water to make it the ideal destination for paddle boarding enthusiasts.

Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii is known as the place where paddle boarding originated. You may find one of the best places for paddleboarding in Hawaii. In Sunset Beach, you find gruelling competitions with participants from all over the world. Waimea Bay will be a nice place to start the paddle boarding journey.

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular paddle boarding spots in the US, with a good reason. The calm water of the lake creates a magnificent view, making for the perfect paddle boarding spot. You can find SUP events being held here with a huge number of participants.

The Bahamas

The Caribbean is full of scenic spots for paddle boarding and the Bahamas is among the best. There are a few places you can go for the ultimate paddle boarding experience: Nassau, Great Exuma or Abacos.


In Amsterdam, it's the canals that make the city worth for paddle boarding. While on the board, all the beautiful views of architecture through the heart of the city will unfold in front of you.