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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Bremen, Germany!

Swarali Jambhale Aug 20, 2019
The 11th largest city in Germany is also the city of the world famous Fairytale Musicians! Among Germany's one of the city states, Bremen strikes a perfect balance between earthiness and style!

Bremen Roland

The 5.5 meter tallest free-standing sculpture of the German Middle Ages is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

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Bremen Town Hall

One of the most attractive town halls in Germany’s famous marketplace is too a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

St. Petri Dom Bremen

A Gothic cathedral, it is one of the most iconic buildings of Bremen!


Bremen’s oldest district is famed for its 15th-18th century well-preserved half-timbered houses!


City’s most famous 100 m long street is known for its unusual architecture!


Spending time at the Schlachte is the top-rated things to do in Bremen!

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Overseas Museum

The Overseas Museum also known as Übersee-Museum Bremen is a Natural History and ethnographic museum.

Kunsthalle Bremen

Gaze at 600 years old art at this art museum which is one of the oldest art associations in Germany.

Rhododendron-Park Bremen

A 114-acre park with the largest rhododendron collection in the world, has a heritage site within, Mühle am Wall!

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Universum Bremen

Owing credits to its unusual architecture, the Universum Bremen is the city’s newest attraction!