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Top 5 Places for Paddle Boarding in Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Joe Parker Nov 1, 2019
Sunshine Coast is a great place for recreational activities like vacations and weekend activities. It's also a great place for the new water sport: paddle boarding. You can easily find some spectacular places for paddle boarding in Sunshine Coast. Here are 5 of the best destinations in Sunshine Coast you can go paddle boarding in.

1. Cotton Tree

This is a great place in Sunshine Coast for paddle boarding. The water is very calm and flat, which makes it great for newbies of paddle boarding to start their very first SUP journey. But it could get crowded.
So if you feel like having a little alone time with your paddle board, maybe you should keep looking.

2. Currimundi Lake

The Currimundi Lake is right next to the ocean. So you can choose to paddle in the calm water of the lake or go experience the more challenging waves in the ocean. And when you are done with paddle boarding, cafes and fish and chip shops can be found easily nearby.

3. Lake Baroon

If you are more into calmer places with beautiful scenery, Lake Baroon would be a great choice of destination. It is an amazing place to have peace.

4. North Shore

On the North Shore, You will have a great view of the ocean. The water is just as calm as in the lakes, and crystal clear. It’s a place that’s suitable for all kinds of water sports. There ain’t no paddlers could say no to this place.

5. Noosa River

Noosa River is the perfect place for exploration. If you are lucky enough, you might even encounter the migratory birdlife. It's one of the best places to go paddle boarding in Sunshine Coast.