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Top 8 Spots to Go Paddle Boarding in Melbourne

Joe Parker Oct 23, 2019
In Australia, when it comes to paddle boarding, Melbourne should be most people's first choice. Melbourne's got all kinds of SUP spots that allow paddle boarders of different skill levels to have fun with the sport. Here's 8 of the best spots for paddle boarding in Melbourne.

1. Mornington Peninsula

It's not easy to pick a place in Melbourne for paddle boarding since it's full of such kind of places. But the name Mornington Peninsula keeps coming to mind. Starting from Rosebud to Safety Beach, along with Mount Martha, you can have fun with paddle boarding all day long. Pay attention to the views along the way, I'm sure you will find more surprises.

2. Barwon River

There's a great place for paddle boarding in the west side of Melbourne. That's right, we are talking about the Barwon River. You can paddle for a few miles before reaching the beach and these few miles can have you amazed. The banks of the river make for great views and the water is extremely calm, perfect for beginners and recreation purposes.

3. Eastern Beach

Part of Geelong Beach is the Eastern Beach which is another great spot to spend your day with your SUP board. It sits right in the middle of Geelong, the place is not only a place for paddle boarding but all kinds of outdoor activities. You can even go camping, picnic as well if you like. You can have a whole day in the place doing various different things.

4. St. Kilda Beach

Many people remember St. Kilda Beach to be crowded, messy and underwhelming. That was once true but is no longer the case. It's become much cleaner now and has better facilities. You can easily have a great day on the water practicing your paddle boarding skills or lying on the beach sunbathing.

5. Yarra River

The Yarra River has generated huge bad publicity in recent years and there's a good reason for that. Drinking the water would be a terrible idea. But you can still have a nice paddle boarding session on it if you know where to go. It's suggested you start from either opposite Fed Square or from the Fairfield boathouse.

6. Lysterfield Lake

Let's not forget some of the more suburban areas of Melbourne. It's got some great options in the South Eastern corridor. The Lysterfield Lake, for one, can be a great place if you want to have a quiet day alone with your paddle board. It could be so quiet that you might forget you are still in suburban Melbourne.

7. Lilydale Lake

For SUPers in the Outer East, Lilydale Lake would be a great destination for your trip of paddle boarding. It's not particularly big because of its perimeter of around 2km but you can still have a nice two hour paddleboarding session on it. It would make a great alternative to the beach when you don't have the time to get to the beach.

8. Maribyrnong River

The Maribyrnong River might not be as beautiful as Yarra, but it's still not a bad choice for a nice paddle boarding session. Our suggestion is to launch from Flemington since you can take in the sights of Melbourne when you are leisurely cruising down the river.