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Top 9 Attractions in Hyde Park, London

Reshma Jirage Sep 28, 2019
Hyde Park is one of the biggest Royal Parks in Central London. It was established by Henry VIII as a hunting ground in 1536. The park is a perfect place to relax and enjoy various activities like cycling, jogging, boating, swimming and other seasonal events.

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Hyde Park has numerous memorials, monuments, fountains and other interesting sights, that keep you engaged for several hours. The wheelchair-accessible paths and many good restaurants make it a complete family picnic spot.

The Serpentine Lake

The park is divided into two parts by the Serpentine Lake. It is a huge artificial lake, situated at the south end of Hyde Park.

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Its portion extended into the neighboring Kensington Gardens is called Long Water. The lake was constructed by Queen Caroline in 1730. During summer, the lake is used for swimming and boating and for skating in the winter.

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Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

On the southwest side of the Serpentine, this memorial is installed in honor of Princess of Diana.

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This modern fountain appears like an artificial stream, designed by the American landscape architect Kathryn Gustafson. This memorial was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II in 6th July 2004.
This circular fountain is made from 545 pieces of Cornish granite. Its design is considered to be a reflection of Diana’s life. Here, the water flows in two directions - at the top and moves down swirling and bubbling into a calm pool at the bottom.

Rotten Row

A popular bridle path present at the south end of Hyde Park.

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This 6.4 km long road is used as a jogging and horse riding route. William III often used this road in the 17th century. The former name of this park was derived from the French word ‘Route du Roi’, which translates to King’s Road.

Speakers' Corner

A must-visit place for experiencing a free speech! Every Sunday, people visit this place and proclaim their opinions about religion, politics and various other topics. Be sure to come here and voice yours!

Marble Arch

Originally, Marble Arch was built as a gateway to Buckingham Palace in 1827. However, it was moved to Hyde Park in 1851. It was designed by John Nash, resembling the Arch of Constantine in Rome.

Wellington Arch

The Wellington Arch was built in 1830 in the memory of the victories won by Britain in the Napoleonic wars at Waterloo.
It is present outside the Duke of Wellington’s former resident at Apsley House. Its peculiar feature is an amazing bronze chariot with the figure of Peace.
The Wellington Arch has an exhibition of the history of the structure and a gallery with moving exhibits, offering glimpse of history and heritage of England.

Kensington Palace

Previously, it was a private residence for English royalty. Recently opened to public, the State Apartments has an exhibition of coronation robes and the Queen’s Gallery with several royal portraits.
Another amazing attraction is the Queen’s Staircase, designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1690. The spectacular Kensington Gardens, present at the entrance, boasts of a beautiful garden, fountain and flower walk.

The Albert Memorial

Located in Kensington Gardens, this extremely beautiful memorial was constructed in a neo-Gothic style.
There are 178 marble Neoclassical works of the famous artists and personalities in literature of every period around the pedestal. At the corners of pedestal, there are sculptures representing the symbols of engineering, agriculture, manufacturing and commerce.

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The Rose Garden

Along with the memorials and statues, Hyde Park has a lot to explore, such as a beautiful Rose Garden located at the southeast corner.
It has several lovely flowers and two fountains. The oldest fountain, known as the Artemis Fountain, has a statue of the Greek Goddess of the Hunt Artemis while the other is named as the Boy and Dolphin Fountain.