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Top 9 Refreshing Activities to do at Nai Harn Beach

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa May 20, 2019
Facing the Andaman Sea, to the west of Promthep Cape at the southernmost tip of Phuket you will find one of the most beautiful beaches on the southern coast, the Nai Harn Beach.

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Its remote location, away from the popular and busy tourist destinations makes it a perfect lovers getaway.

You can spend a rejuvenating holiday with some refreshing activities to do on this beautiful beach.

1. Nai Harn Lake

Visit the Nai Harn lake with a small island in the center. Jogging or a work out into the calm sunset will relax your mind and body. Being away from the urban chaos, the lake gives you a wide space to play with kids and enjoy the family time.
Enjoy refreshments and food from the local street stalls at the southern end of the lake. Tangle your tastebuds tasting yummy chicken on a stick, corn on the cob, coconuts, and fruit shake.

2. Beach Volley Ball

If you are looking for some excitement then try beach volleyball at the Nai Harn beach. You will find there is volleyball net at the beach and you could join in a game and enjoy throwing around some ball.

3. Cycle Around Nai Harn

The best way to explore the beauty of Nai Harn is riding a bicycle throughout the island. You will be able to appreciate the jungles, local villages, plantations, etc. on a bicycle tour.

4. Horse Riding

Horse riding near Friendship Beach between Chalong Bay and Rawai Beach is another activity that should not be missed. There are all sorts of horses available to ride along with a guide.

5. Beach Surfing

At the end of the Nai Harn beach is a permanent sandbank. It allows one to enjoy a fast ride on even the smallest swells. The waves can reach up to 3 meters at Nai Harn due to the variable winds.

6. Thai Massage at Nai Harn

A trip to Thailand is not complete until you enjoy a relaxing Thai massage. You will find quite a few good masseuses at the beach offering their services at makeshift massage huts.

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7. Nai Harn Temple

If you travel further away from the beach you will reach the Nai Harn temple. The picturesque location of the temple will calm your soul with the monks praying in the evening to Buddha.

8. Birdseye View of Nai Harn

Get breathtaking view of the beautiful Nai Harn beach from two excellent points. You could go to the Windmill viewpoint near the Ya Nui Beach. Or try climbing the Black Rock Viewpoint. The latter is not an easy to reach point and requires a dedicated tourist.

9. An Evening with Family

Enjoy quality time with your kids on the beach. Soak up the warm sunshine and let your kids enjoy playtime on the soft, powdery sand. Bask in the colorful sunset, enjoying the evening show with friends and family.
These are some of the fun-filled things to do at Nai Harn beach. This is a non-commercialized beach unlike the other beaches in Phuket. Thus, you can enjoy this paradise peacefully all year round. The southernmost tip of the beach is called the Pearl of the Andaman sea. You need to visit Nai Harn to actually understand its stunning beauty.