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Top 9 Tourist Attractions in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Priya Johnson Aug 30, 2019
Rotterdam is a city admired for its historic as well as stylish, modern architecture. Even the railway station and food market are situated in beautifully-designed buildings.

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Explore the Unique Cube Houses

Built in the 1970s, these tilted cubic houses are actually residential apartments that are tilted at a 45-degree angle.
One of the cube houses has been converted into a museum called as the Show Cube Museum, allowing tourists to view the interior.

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Stayokay's Cube House Hostel

One of the larger cubes is also open for an overnight stay, so tourists can personally experience staying in this quirky structure. With its tilted angle and peculiar interior angles, it’s not ideal for those with claustrophobia.

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View the City from Erasmus Bridge

The tallest (139 m) and longest (808 m) bridge in all of the Netherlands, this suspension bridge is a landmark in Rotterdam.
Enjoy a spectacular view of the city via a bike tour across the bridge. It’s also a great spot for sunset photography.

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Panoramic View of Rotterdam from Euromast Tower

For a phenomenal view of the city, take an elevator up this 185 m observatory tower and view the city from the observation deck at a height of 100 m.
Euromast’s dining and stay options at a height of 100 m are also worth checking out.

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Markthal: Modern and Stylish Food Market

This fancy urban food market is the size of a large football pitch and houses over 100 food stalls and a large number of restaurants.
The artwork on the 40 m high archway is a masterpiece and a major highlight. It’s a great place to soak in the charm of Rotterdam and taste a variety of authentic cuisines. Take home lots of edible souvenirs.

Maritime Museum

This museum, dedicated to naval history, contains a vast collection of over 800,000 objects spanning over a period of six centuries of seafaring.
Also benefit from the offshore experience where you get a first-hand experience of looking for energy sources from oil, gas, and wind.

Rotterdam Central Station

This central station in the heart of Rotterdam is famed for its modern architectural design. The interior is also an architectural marvel.

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Port of Rotterdam

The city’s iconic port also happens to be the largest port in all of Europe. It’s a wonderful place to see the skyline of the city via giant ferry or boat tours around the harbor.

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Rotterdam Zoo

Touted as one of Europe’s most beautiful zoos, this zoo is among the top tourist attractions in the city.

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The exquisite bird shows, fully covered oceanarium, gorgeous butterfly paradise, etc. are some of the other highlights of the park.