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11 Magically Scenic Tourist Attractions in Russia

Tourist Attractions in Russia
Russia is an exciting destination indeed as it holds strong contrasts of ancient history and modern influences. Here are a few tourist attractions in Russia you must consider while you're enjoying the climate and scenic beauty of this country.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Saint Basil's Cathedral or The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed is one of the most iconic landmarks in Russia. It is located in the Red Square in Moscow.
Usually when you're planning a trip, you have to plan for several things so that your trip is well-organized and you don't miss any tourist attractions associated with that particular place. However, when it's a trip to Russia, the most important thing you must consider is the weather, since it is one of the coldest countries in the world. Although there are exciting things to do in Russia in the cold climate as well, early autumn months and summers are considered to be the best time to visit this country.

There are innumerable places to visit in Russia, varying from witnessing the architectural marvels, to experiencing thrilling adventure sports, and enjoying the scenic beauty. So, if you are planning a trip to Russia, I insist you must read this article to have a fair idea about what you should not miss while you're touring this old world.
Red Square
Red square in moscow
Red Square is referred to as a central square of not just Moscow but, all of Russia. The buildings surrounding this square are significant in some respect. The GUM Department Store facing the Red Square is considered to be the largest in Russia; you will find a number of exclusive boutiques and world renowned brands here. So, for all you shopaholics it is a dream come true! The varied beauty of the architecture and the magical atmosphere makes Red Square a truly fascinating place.
Kremlin towers
The Kremlin is a historic fortified complex, which includes four palaces, four cathedrals and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers. These buildings are built by Italian masters, which exhibit the mixture of lavish opulence and mighty imperial cultures. The complex also serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. The Kremlin is the best place to begin your tour as the Saint Basil's Cathedral and Red Square, mentioned in this article are situated nearby, making it easy for you to plan your trip accordingly.
Gorky Park
Gorky park in moscow
Gorky Park is located across the Moskva River in Moscow. This amusement park is named after Maxim Gorky, a Soviet author and a political activist. The Park has fun fairs, various amusement rides and an enormous Ferris wheel. If you happen to visit Russia in the winters, the footpaths of the garden flood over with water and freeze, which allows ice-skating around the park.
Tverskaya Street
Tverskaya street in moscow
The Tverskaya Street in Moscow, is beautifully lit at night and is buzzing with locals as well as foreigners. This is a nice place to shop, eat, and take a leisurely walk on the street watching beautiful buildings and people from all walks of life. You will also find on these streets some of the best nightclubs, expensive hotels and good theaters as well. To sum it all, it is the center of the city's nightlife and entertainment.
St. Basil's Cathedral
Cathedral in moscow
Considered as one of the tallest buildings in Moscow. The design of this cathedral resembles a flame of a bonfire rising into the sky. The design is unique, rare and strangely, is nowhere associated with Russian architecture. The details of its design are outstanding and nothing similar can be found in the entire millennium of Russian tradition.
Kunstkamera museum
St. Petersburg city is home to more than a hundred museums hosted in historic buildings; the reason why this city is called the historic city. The city boasts of having 36 outstanding historical architectural complexes and monuments. Kunstkamera is one of the oldest museums in Russia, therefore accounts to as one of the greatest attractions in Russia. It is basically a great museum of anthropology and ethnography, with over 200,000 items on display! The architecture of this museum exhibits the unique nature of European styles of the past three centuries and the rich cultural heritage of Russia.
Saint Petersburg Philharmonia
Musical instrument
Another place worth visiting while you are in the Venice of the north (Saint Petersburg) is the Saint Petersburg Philharmonia. This building is a music society and is home to some of the best known music halls in the world. The society hosts the two world-famous Symphony Orchestras: Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra and Saint Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra. If you wish to enjoy this musical journey, you could book tickets to this event online or if you happen to be plain lucky, you could get tickets on the spot too.
Hermitage Museum
Museum in russia
Hermitage Museum is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world. It exhibits the Russian art and culture. Its collection comprises nearly 3 million items on display, making it the museum with the largest collection of paintings in the world. There are six buildings in this museum, of which, four buildings, named the Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage and New Hermitage, are partially opened to the public. The museum is closed on Monday, hence make sure you plan your trip accordingly.
Lake Baikal
Lake baikal in russia
Lake Baikal is located in southern Russia and is the most voluminous freshwater lake. It is also the deepest (5,387 feet) and clearest of all lakes in the world. It is estimated to be about 25-30 million years old, which makes it one of the most ancient lakes in geological history. Since, it is a major tourist attraction of Russia, many investors from the tourist industry have come up with resorts and hotels near this lake, allowing tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty of Baikal, "untouched by human civilization". In the late nineties, Lake Baikal was also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The word "Baikal" came from the Turkish language which means "wealthy lake" and it indeed is a wealthy lake. The experience you get here is absolutely priceless.
Ural Mountain Range in Yekaterinburg
Mountain range in russia
The Ural Mountains extend 1500 miles. They were formed over 280 million years ago, folded as the eastern European and Siberian plates moved closer together. This mountain range provides an excellent backdrop for adventure sports, offering the tourist great opportunities to ski, hike, fish, and go rafting. So, if you're looking for some thrill in your trip to Russia, you must consider the Ural mountains and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. The Ural landscape is splendid and excursions here may become memories to cherish forever.
Hot Springs of Kamchatka
Kamchatka in russia
Amongst the most beautiful places and amazing phenomena of nature; is this land of fire and ice- "Kamchatka". This place is a must visit while you are in Russia. With the kind of infrastructure in Kamchatka, the destination is accessible only by helicopter, boat or a six-wheel drive truck. A word of caution the climate no doubt is marvelous throughout the year, yet the best time to visit this region would be from June to October. The main attractions being volcanic calderas, stone sculpture parks, beautiful lakes and the varied flora and fauna. The place also gives you an opportunity for trekking, kayaking, rafting, fishing, watching the whales (from the port of course), cycling, and bathing in the hot springs. Without exaggeration it is one of the fascinating regions to visit in Russia. Please note that the weather is quite changeable here, therefore you have to be prepared for all the weather conditions and carry warm clothes.
The rich cultural heritage and natural variety of the country makes it one the most famous tourist destinations in the world. With a little more research, visitors can find the prefect place to stay and tour the beautiful cities respectively. Enjoy!