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Travel Guide to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 29, 2019
From a small fishing village to a bustling city, Dar es Salaam is the perfect getaway for an adventurous soul. It is a major port as well as the cultural and business center in East Africa. The city is influenced by Islamic, South Asian as well as native Tanzanian culture.

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Exploring Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is a lively city with blends from Arab, African, and Indian urban culture. It is lined with colonial buildings, and palm-fringed beaches.
The city was born after Omani Sultan Majid bin Said of Zanzibar initiated the growth of a simple fishing village in 1865.

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The name ‘Dar es Salaam’ means ‘haven of peace’ in Arabic. Gradually, it became the capital of Tanzania.

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Things to Do in Dar es Salaam

1. National Museum & House of Culture

This museum features important fossils of early human ancestors, Tanzania’s tribal heritage, traditional crafts, customs and more.

2. Village Museum

This is a unique museum that will help you know more about the traditional dwellings of around 120 ethnic groups of Tanzania.

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3. Oyster Bay

This is the most popular weekend spot where locals and tourists flock to stroll the Coco Beach, art galleries, boutique shops, as well as the farmers market.

4. Azania Front Lutheran Church

Built in 1898 by German missionaries this iconic red-tile belfry structure is the cathedral for the diocese today.

5. The State House

The original residence of the German Governor is the current home of the President of the country.

6. Mbudya Island

On a 15-minute motorboat ride from the mainland, these white sand beaches are ideal for renting 'Bandas' to chill out on the beach or for snorkeling, swimming in the clear turquoise water.

7. St. Joseph Cathedral

This Gothic-style Roman Catholic church is the seat of the Dar es Salaam archdiocese. It has many original German inscriptions and artwork, and more.

8. Kivukoni Fish Market

Do visit this popular market to get a taste of Dar es Salaam life. You could bargain to the core for some fresh seafood or enjoy a seafood meal at the market.

9. Botanical Gardens

Established in 1893, this Botanical Garden is home to many indigenous and exotic plant species today.

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10. Bongoyo Island

Another island getaway located about 4 miles north of the city. Swim in the clear waters and spot exotic marine species in the corals, or just relax under the thatched umbrellas on the beach.
Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania as well as the cultural, shopping, food, and beach destination within the country. Do visit this wonderful city and taste a slice of local African culture influenced by Arab, Hindustani as well as western cultures.