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Travel to Leuven for a Magical Belgian Vacation

Prachi Dharap Dec 02, 2019
The city of Leuven is totally fascinating with its rich culture and architecture. Take a good portion of history, add a dash of heavenly local food, and some happy atmosphere for a relaxing holiday.
Start your tour of Leuven with a visit to the well known Gothic Town Hall. It now boasts of hundreds of statues of prominent citizens and is used for ceremonies too.
See the sublime Saint Peter's Church, just a few steps from the Town Hall. The grand collection of masterpieces like The Last Supper by Leuven artist Dieric Bouts, is stored in the museum.
Feel yourself relax in the calm pocket of the city in the oldest botanical garden in Belgium. As you wander on, you will find the Wisteria and Daffodils to take some pictures for your Instagram feed.
Take a walk through the wooded area around the ponds in the Park Abbey before going in to check out the small art and print museum.
Wander through the Groot Begijnhof, now owned by the University of Leuven. The timeless beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site, makes it a must-visit for any traveler.
Experience the local nightlife at the Oude Market square in the city center. It is aptly nicknamed ‘the longest bar in the world', since it is full of restaurants and bars.

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Head to the University Library, a new Flemish Renaissance style library funded by the Americans. The library offers an audio tour about destruction of Leuven during the World War I.
Soak in the arty vibes at the renowned M-Museum Leuven, which hosts many temporary arts and cultural exhibitions along with a collection of permanent paintings.
Leuven is one of the cities where you would love spending time cycling up the streets in the Old Town, experiencing the charming aura.