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Travel to the Island of Sicily: Messina, Italy

Ketki Dongare Aug 9, 2019
Gateway to Sicily, with ancient Greek civilization and cultural history, Messina is an island endorsing an escape passageway from the mainland of Italy. Wander in wonderful panoramas of Messina's cityscape, along its natural harbor, and host of historic sites.

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Strait of Messina

The beautiful city of Messina is connected to the eastern tip of Sicily by a narrow strait, giving panoramic views of the city.

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Messina Port

One of the most important ports in the Mediterranean Sea, take a trip down to the port, and cruise along the coastal villages of Messina.

Messina Cathedral

A treasured sight of Messina; is this beautiful, Gothic style, brightly colored Roman Catholic church, that exhibits essence of the Norman structure.

Messina Bell Tower

Admire the intricate gold figures, and the largest and most beautiful astronomical clock in the world, built with complex mechanism.

Piazza del Duomo

Home to the Cathedral of Messina and the Bell Tower, the square is a top tourist destination lined with shops, cafes, and parks to explore.

Faro Point

The Italian for lighthouse is 'Faro' and a visit to the great Sicilian Faro, with panoramic view of the seascape is a must.

Fontana di Orione

Designed by Michelangelo’s student, Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli, the fountain is named after Orion, Messina's mythical founder.

Sacrario di Cristo Re

Discover Messina with the most beautiful monument of the Temple Christ the King, the dome building sitting atop a hill with sweeping views the city.

Madonna della Lettera

A boatride away is the statue of Virgin Mary, set on top of a pillar, in shinning gold, sending blessings to everyone and the city.


A monumental cemetery of Italy, surrounded with natural scenery, dotted with tombstones all over, is weirdly a beautiful site to visit.

Messina Regional Museum

Take a tour in the historic world of Messina and the defining collections from the field of archaeology, medieval art, Renaissance art.

Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani

An epitome of Norman architecture, the church glorifies of its historic name as referred to the Catalan merchants who laid the foundation of Messina.


Go on a day's trip from Messina to the coastal charm, with a scenic hill top Castle of Milazzo overlooking the town.