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Traveling in Paphos, Cyprus : A Step Back to Ancient Times

Vinam Pachkhede Dec 2, 2019
The depiction of the great Greek folklore through its mosaics and architecture, at different archaeological sites and monasteries, is bound to take you back to the good old days.

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

The ruins of villas: the House of Dionysos, the House of Aion, the House of Theseus and the House of Orpheus, will give you a glimpse of Greek mythology.

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The EDRO III Shipwreck

The crashed cargo ship, sound of the waves and scenic beauty will set a perfect evening for you.

St. Paul’s Pillar

Learn about the folklore of conflict between two religions, its historical significance and the making of this pillar here.

Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery

Explore the Byzantine art and religious artifacts along with the admirable silver platted icons of the Virgin Mary and Christ at this museum.

Aphrodite’s Rock (Petra tou Romiou )

Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, with a beautiful view of the Aphrodite's Rock and the sea - the birthplace of 'Goddess of Love and Beauty.'

Paphos Mosaic

Witness Greek mythology, historic battles, and ancient lifestyles come to life, through these colorful depictions.
The villa houses many amazing art pieces with depicts Dionysos in the most impressive way! Some of them have a display of the poets and prophets in different scenes. Don't miss out on the Hellenistic pebble mosaic, featuring sea-monster Scylla.

Tombs of the Kings

This UNESCO World Heritage Site houses: the burial chamber, Doric pillar, and underground tombs - an amalgamation of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures.

Old Town, Paphos

Greeks know the best how to eat meat! Savor the local dishes like souvlaki and sheftalia, souvla, halloumi with a cold cocktail along the harbor.

Paphos Castle

Visit the cultural emblem of the city that has been a refuge, a prison, salt warehouse, and protected the harbor once.

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Tala Monastery Cat Park

Spend a day playing with more than 100 cats at this fun and delightful ‘Cat Village.’