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Tropical Vacation Spots

Rutuja Jathar Oct 4, 2019
Randomly trying to select the best tropical vacation spot can be a mistake, considering the large number of options in every part of the globe. Here is a bit of help for you to find a truly magical destination for your next vacation.

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Nothing can beat the calmness and peace of mind that you feel, when you are lying down on a secluded beach. From the sun, sand, and the palm trees, to the music, fun, and exotic food, these places have it all.
Needless to say, tropical destinations are considered the best of all leisure vacations. Well, there are numerous places, and we have provided some of the more offbeat locations where you can escape the maddening crowds and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Koh Lipe Island

This is a tiny and secluded island situated in the Andaman sea, 70 km away from the southwest coast of Thailand.

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This island is on the border of the Tarutao National Marine Park and was originally settled by a group of sea gypsies from Malaysia, known as the Urak Lawoi. The three marvelous beaches as Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach, and Sunset Beach are the main attractions.
You get a variety of accommodation, from the air-conditioned sea facing bungalows to the typical grass huts. The natives are extremely friendly and they provide you a daily catch of amazing seafood. You can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving around Koh Lipe and the neighboring islands. November to March is the best time to visit this amazing destination.

Perhentian Islands

This island is about 10 nautical miles away from the northwestern part of Malaysia, and 64 kms away from Thailand. The twin islands are known as 'Perhentian Besar' and 'Perhentian Kecil'.

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However, there are a series of uninhabited and less-visited islands like Susu Dara, Rawa, and Serenggeh. The major pastime of the tourists here is to lie on the beach, and soak in the sun and the amazing views.
For the adventurous, there are activities like camping, canoeing, fishing, jungle trekking, and banana boat riding available. Best time to visit here is from November to March and make sure you pack your hammock with you! You can also enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming, along with observing turtles and reef sharks.

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Big Island, Hawaii

This is one of the best tourism destinations in Hawaii. This place is full of natural treasures like live volcanoes, huge waterfalls, rainforests, and some of the best beaches. On Big Island, you can get to see everything you ever imagined about this place.
You can visit sites like the Akaka Falls State Park, Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that consists of the active volcanoes-Kilauea and Mauna Loa, Pacific Tsunami Museum, Onizuka Space Center, etc.

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The Cook Islands

This is a group of 15 small islands that are located in the South Pacific Ocean, near New Zealand. Tourism is the biggest industry in the country, and that reflects on the nature of the natives as well. They are pretty friendly and welcoming.
If you are looking for the best vacation for couples or friends, this place is for you. You get hot and humid weather round the year, plus lots of activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. You can visit the Anatakitaki bird caves, Avarua harbor, and enjoy horseback riding in Rarotonga. For budget friendly stay, there are many facilities available.

Curacao Island

This is a beautiful island, located in the southern Caribbean sea, off the Venezuelan coast. Along with the main island, there are other deserted islands. This country being a part of the ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, is also known as 'tropical Holland.'

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The temperatures are hot and humid, and the best time to visit is between November to January. Along with enjoying water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling, you can visit the Floating Market, the sea sculptures, Queen Juliana Bridge, etc.

Top 10 Tropical Vacations

☻ Trunk Bay at St. John, US Virgin Islands
☻ Hindu Lake Temple in Bali, Indonesia
☻ Overwater Bungalows in Bora Bora Island
☻ Nassau Paradise Island in the Bahamas
☻ The Paradise Island of Fiji
☻ Exotic Tropical Vacation at Seychelles
☻ Volcanic Island of Jeju, Korea
☻ An Aerial View of Tropical Island in the Maldives
☻ Dunk Island in Queensland, Australia
☻ Parasailing on the Tropical Island of Jamaica
Tropical islands around the world prove to be amazing vacation spots as well as romantic honeymoon destinations.