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Ultimate Reasons to Travel to Haifa City, Israel

Prachi Dharap Dec 3, 2019
Haifa boasts of being set in a beautiful location along the Mediterranean coast. The tranquil city is a honey-pot for art and history lovers. Set upon Mount Carmel, the city is regarded as a model of coexistence between the Jewish-Arab.

Louis Promenade

Amble along the Louis Promenade, take some beautiful pictures. And if you are lucky, you may even get a glimpse of the playful dolphins in the Haifa bay.

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Baha’i Gardens

The beautiful 19-terraced gardens are the perfect sanctuary for everyone. Everything from the vivid flowers to the topiary is symbolic to the Baha'i faith.

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Shrine of the Báb

The remains of Bab, the founder of the Baha’i faith are kept in the Baha’i Gardens. The temple is a safe haven and open to pilgrims of all faiths.

Ursula Malbin Sculpture Garden

The small, quite unknown garden is a must-see for its bronze sculptures made by the artist Ursula Malbin. You can also spot some of the best views of Haifa from here.

Haifa Museum of Art

Check out some diverse art exhibitions by Israeli and International artists at this excellent museum located in downtown Haifa.

Wadi Nisnas Market

Sample some of the scrumptious baked goods or take home the freshest produces from the Arab neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas.

German Colony

Eat, drink and make merry after a long day of sightseeing at Haifa’s cultural center.

Stella Maris Monastery

A 19th-century monastery, the paintings on the ceiling of the  astounding church will leave you amazed.

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Dado Beach

Chill out at Haifa’s best beach, indulge in some water activities or sip coffee at one of the beach-side cafes.

Bat Galim Beach

Watch the sun go down from the Promenade as you savor some local snacks at the stalls on this pristine beach.