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Ultimate Things to Do in Cusco, Peru

Prerana Jamdarkhana Dec 2, 2019
Peru is another world on its own. Travel here to take exciting snaps of you and your loved ones amidst the tourist attractions right from the time of the Incan empire to the modern civilization.

Cusco Cathedral

The first ever cathedral of Cusco, explore the fine architecture of the cathedral and opulent interiors adorned in gold.

Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus

Situated in the Plaza de Armas, this historic church is a fine Spanish Baroque architectural display, built on an Inca palace.


Walk through the zigzag stone walls; formations of incredible stonework uphill and find yourself staring at the sweeping Cusco city skyline.


“Temple of the Sun” and rightly so! When the sun bounces off the 700 gold-plated walls, it creates a rich glitter all around the temple. Pause and savor the golden light.

Plaza de Armas de Cusco

Dilly-dally through the massive square lined with plazas, shops and cafes. All the way back from Inca Empire, the locale has been an important cultural center.

Planetarium Cusco

Though small, the planetarium helps you for a cultural interpretation center for Incan astronomy. You can gaze at the amazing constellations with a personalized experience offered at the planetarium.

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Rainbow Mountain

Hit the road and head for the unique rainbow-colored mountain. According to research, the color formations are due to mineralogical depositions.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

It's time to put on your hiking boots for a gorgeous trail of Machu Picchu, laden with ancient Incan trail that takes roughly round 3 days to complete.

San Pedro Market

Walk through the colorful market of fresh fruits, vegetables and juices. Don’t forget to fill your basket with some fresh avacadoes.

Museo Inka

The Inca museum is a spot for Incan artwork. From artifacts to traditional textiles, the museum is a doorway to Incan culture and heritage.