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Unmissable Things to Do and See in Reims, France

Aishwarya Karwa Sep 23, 2019
Reims, the city of champagne and kings, treats its visitors with striking historic sights, ancient yet mesmerising cathedrals, recognised by UNESCO. What's even interesting is it has champagne houses awaiting you to tour and taste the champagne & wine. Explore the unmissable things to do on your trip to Reims.

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Saint - Remi Basilica

Saint - Remi Basilica is a classic example of Roman heritage with early Gothic features in its architecture. It is reckoned to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Cathedral of Notre-Dame and Palace of Tau.

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Museum of Fine Arts

Explore the giant art collection at the museum.

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It houses 'The Death of Marat', a painting of French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat, made by Jacques Louis David in 1793. It is one of the four versions in the world which makes the museum worth a pit-stop.

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Cathedral of Notre Dame

This cathedral serves as an important landmark in Reims as it hosted the most famed event, coronation of King Charles VII in 1429.

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Hot Air Ballooning

Ever thought of flying over the vineyards? In Reims, you definitely can. Go hot air ballooning in the clear blue skies and enjoy extraordinary views of Reims.

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Boulingrin Covered Market

Shop for french souvenirs, fresh local produce, champagne and pastries at the market. The retail covered market is also called as Halles du Boulingrin.

Town Hall of Reims

The Town Hall of Reims is an excellent example of second French Renaissance architecture.

Palace of Tau

A resplendent palace right next to the Reims Cathedral where cathedral's treasury is preserved. It is believed that this palace had a significant role in the coronation and post-coronation of Kings.

Biscuits Roses de Reims

Undoubtedly, France is well-known for its baked goodies. Devour the delicious pink biscuits famously prepared in Reims that melt in your mouth as soon as you gobble them. They are enjoyed well when dunked in champagne!

Champagne Tasting Tours

A perfect way to enjoy your trip to Reims is taking the Champagne tasting tours offered in the Champagne Houses here. Champagne got it's name from the Champagne region where grapes are cultivated and Reims happens to be the capital of this region, how cool is that!