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Unravel the Bemusing Facts of Borobudur Temple, Indonesia!

Swarali Jambhale Sep 7, 2019
The Borobudur temple standing on its place since the 9th century is built with 2 million blocks of stone! The brown edifice amidst the lush green rice fields, ringed with volcanic peaks is truly a sight to behold!

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The Architectural Pride!

The Indonesian gem of Magelang, Central Java is the biggest Buddhist monument in the world!

What a Place!

The Borobudur Temple in the “Garden of Java” looped by volcanoes had sunk in the layers of volcanic ash for years!

Everything’s Unknown!

No one knows about the builder, the purpose and the meaning of the Borobudur temple!

A Former Place Holder in the 7 Wonders!

The precious historical legacy had been listed in the 7 miracles of the world!

It’s Complicated!

Borobudur takes pride in being one of the most complex building on Earth!

No Adhesive

The whole temple is built by interlocking the bricks and has absolutely no adhesive!

Thank you Sir Thomas Raffles!

The book ‘The History of Java’ by Sir Thomas Raffles was the secret to the fame brought to this temple worldwide!

Sundial at the Temple

Scientists said that the largest stupa at the temple served as a giant sundial, a timepiece of time!

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What a View!

9 stacked platforms - 6 square and 3 circular with a central dome, like a cherry on the cake is what the temple looks like from above!

Heads Stolen!

Out of the 504 Buddha statues, many of the statues are without heads! Heads were stolen for their high pricing in the black market!
The Borobudur Temple has 2.5 million visitors every year making it Indonesia’s single most visited tourist attraction!