Unusual Vacation Spots That are Sure to Bowl You Over

Charlie S Oct 17, 2018
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Do you wish to know about some unusual vacation spots where you can spend some of the best moments in your life? Here is some information on a few such destinations which would surprise you.
We all await our family vacations desperately as an opportunity to have fun together after a while. Such time offs are meant to provide some change and recreation from our daily routines. You can play games, relax, and get close to the natural surroundings around you. Some places, over the years, have become popular spots because of their great offerings.
However, there are many more unexplored places, which are equally good and comparatively cheaper. Zeroing in on a relatively unknown destination can be a very daunting and time-consuming task. So, to make things simple for you, some useful suggestions have been provided in the next section.

Choosing an Offbeat Destination

Foremost, you should always remember to check whether such places have all the tourist facilities. There is no point choosing a place where there are no entertainment and leisure facilities. Look for spots where there are good outdoor as well as indoor activities, and adequate lodging and accommodation.
Such places may not be on the radar of top-notch travel companies, and hence, you may have to plan on your own. It could be quite possible that none of your friends or relatives have visited that spot earlier, and hence, conducting a thorough research with the help of the Internet is a must.
Once you find a location that you like, try to calculate the total cost and carry some emergency cash to deal with sudden and unexpected expenses. Remember, there may not be enough ATMs or banks at such places, and therefore, it is better to go prepared. Here are some unusual destinations as per our research.

Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island is to the east coast of America, in northeast Florida. Film Festival, Shrimp Festival, Jazz festival, Wine Festival, and sports events are organized round the year. Great beach resorts, golf courses, rich wildlife, and hotels are the top places.

Romblon Islands, Philippines

Romblon is a province in the Philippines which is made up of three major islands. This place is known to have the best white sand beaches in the world which have not been visited by many people yet.
Great waterfalls and clean water bodies are some other positives about this place. In short, it can be the setting for a perfect beach vacation.

Downieville, California

Downieville in California can be an ideal place for the adventurous, as it offers activities such as mountain biking. It hosts the world famous Downieville Classic race, which is a two-day event of downhill and cross-country racing.
Motorcycling, hiking, fishing, and kayaking are some other fun-filled activities which can be enjoyed here. You can also learn more about the California Gold Rush by visiting the local museum.

Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela

This is a relatively unknown, yet wonderful place in the Caribbean. It is located to the north of Caracas, Venezuela, and consists of approximately 350 islands. Here, the pristine waters and lagoons add to the place's beauty.
This place houses very few people, and hence, it is not crowded like other beaches. Activities include fishing, snorkeling, diving, paddling, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. To add to this, the accommodation and food costs are very affordable, which makes it a perfect vacation destination.

Catanduanes Island, Philippines

The Catanduanes island is located in the Bicol region of the Philippines and has a wonderful coastline. Stunning waterfalls, beaches, and diving spots are the highlights of this place.
If you are fond of adventure sports such as surfing and scuba diving, then this would be the right place for you to hone your skills.

Other Destinations

☻ Teton Range - Wyoming
☻ Folly Beach in South Carolina
☻ Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina
☻ Ski resorts near Salt Lake City, Utah
☻ Baler, Aurora Province in The Philippines
☻ Niseko in Japan
☻ Engelberg in Switzerland
☻ Silverton in Colorado
☻ Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam
☻ Koh Tonsay Island in Cambodia
There are many unexplored places like these lists, which are equally good and comparatively cheaper. Explore the offbeat destinations doing all research and with proper planning before visiting the place.