Vacation Ideas for Couples

Arjun Kulkarni Oct 6, 2018
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The holiday season is approaching and everyone is looking for ideas and destinations to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily life. So where will you take your loved one for a vacation this time round?
Planning a vacation is never easy. There are so many places to go and so many factors to consider. What kind of vacation are you looking for? Do you want a relaxed, laid-back trip, or do you want a vacation with a lot of activity and fun? Vacayholics gives you some options to consider.

The Sun and the Sand

What could be a better place to laze around than on a beach? The sun and the sand make a fantastic cocktail for a romantic setting, both during the day and at night too!
You sit in the sun and get a fantastic tan by day, and go for a romantic moonlit stroll on the beach at night. And if you enjoy a bit of activity during the vacation, there are several beach-side attractions available for you to choose from.
You and your loved one could go para-sailing over the seas. A para-sail is like a parachute stringed to a motor-boat. So when the motor-boat moves, it takes the para-sail along with it and gives a panoramic view of the beach and the sea.
Alternatively, you could go snorkeling and check out the marine life habitat along the beach. If you wish to go deeper into the sea, opt for scuba-diving. The beach authorities might provide you with oxygen tanks and other necessities for scuba-diving.
Some beaches also come with the added attraction of dolphins and some boats take you deep into the ocean for a view of the dolphins playing in the sea. If you wish to take matters in your own hand, you could also rent a motor boat or a jet-ski and go speeding over the high seas. And if nothing else, there is always surfing.
Some of the best beaches in the US can be found in Florida and California. These two states are well aware of their popularity as vacation destinations and are well equipped for providing the best beach holiday ever.
If you are looking for romantic ideas outside the US, you can go to the beaches in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Islands, or even Australia, depending on your budget.

Backpacking and the Mountains

On the other hand, if you are looking for adventure and the sunrise in the mountain vale, then you and your loved one should head to the mountains.
With the Rockies and the Appalachian mountains still around, mountain hiking is one of the best getaways in the US. Mountains themselves come with a great deal of activity, but if your hunger for action is still not satiated, there are several things you can do.
You could go snow skiing, or hunting (in those states which allow it). Other activities include hiking and trekking, which can be done all year long! If you're looking for a mountainous getaway outside the US, the Alps and the Himalayas are exciting options.


A cruise is the ultimate experience if you want limited activity and just want to spend a few special days luxuriously. A cruise trip makes you feel like a king, and is an ideal getaway if what you really want is some special, alone time with the person you love. No work, nothing. Just pure enjoyment.
There are several cruises available that will take you to Hawaii, or the Bahamas. If you wish to go a bit farther from the US, you could go either to the Mediterranean or the far East. There are many cruises near and around Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
You can choose any one of these romantic ideas depending upon your loved one's and your choice, and have a vacation you will never forget.