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Superb Vacation Spots for Couples

Saptakee Sengupta Nov 29, 2019
Get to know some of the best vacation spots for couples to make the trip a memorable one.
It's the time to relive those wonderful moments, long lost in the monotony of life. It's the time to travel with your partner to the most beautiful places on the Earth. It's the time to rekindle the romance once again in your life. And a lot more follows when you both are in each other's company.
Those who are still turning the pages of travel magazines should give a pause, for here's a list that will present you the exotic vacation spots.

Vacation Destinations for Couples

It's obvious longing for spots that promise a blend of privacy and serenity.It's  not needed to specify vacay ideas for couples' because the choice to spend time with each other or engage in a rocking adventure is absolutely yours. Isolated beaches, islands,house boats, etc. are ideal for couples.

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The ideal honeymoon destination for couples is Paris. Enter into some vintage form of romance gazing the Eiffel tower in the evening and then enjoying wine and country music at the luxurious pubs and clubs.
You can take interest in sensuous dance forms and good music with your beloved. How romantic! Isn't it?

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Book your tickets to Switzerland for enjoying the calm and serene beauty of the Alpine mountain range. Switzerland attracts millions of couples during winter and summer season. 
The view of the snow capped mountains at a height of 4000 m is simply amazing. Summers are also beautiful. Do not miss out the Swiss wine and chocolates.

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It has the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beauty of sun, sand and the sea is amazing. Boating, fishing, bird watching and a superb night life will make your vacation memorable.
Enjoy some intimate moments with your partner in the secluded beaches of Florida. I'm sure you will enjoy the south beach, Miami.

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You will lose your senses in the beauty of Caribbean islands. Enjoy the Bahamas and the Palm Beach. Have a luxurious stay at Romantic St. Lucia Resorts. The night life is simply rocking.
The islands of Barbados and Tobago are enchanting. The white sands and azure blue water create a perfect ambiance for couples. The ultimate place for love, romance and happiness are the Caribbean islands.

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A group of islands and beaches form Malaysia. The most beautiful beaches include Borneo, Pangkor Island, Tioman Island, Perhentian Islands and Redang islands.
Apart from the beaches, you will also love to enjoy the natural beauty of the islands. Popular beaches in Malaysia include Tulai beach, Pasir Panjang, Teluk Dalam, Jetty beach, etc.

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Las Vegas

If you love glamor, fashion and fun, then Las Vegas is the apt place for you. One of the best spots for couples wanting to spend the days in entertainment, the city has everything pubs, malls, foods, drinks, etc.

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Romance will have a different dimension in Italy. The beauty and charm of Italy is unique. Traveling through the canals of Venice is an amazing experience.
The best city is Florence. Experience the beauty of the sunsets over river Arno. The city has beautiful vintage style restaurants and churches. You can not only enjoy the historical beauty but also experience the beauty of the city. Italy vacations will be surely cherished by you again and again.


There are numerous states and cities across the globe that make the best honeymoon destinations. Take a quick look at the spots.




Los Angeles


New Zealand

New York

  • Goa
  • Hawaii
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • San Francisco
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Egypt
  • Kerala
  • Rome
  • Alaska
  • Venezuela
  • Missouri
  • South Carolina
  • Cape Town
  • Virginia
  • Ireland
Hope this mini travel guide has sorted out the best destinations across the world. Book your tickets and avail the best resorts for a luxurious stay. Wish you happy days ahead!