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Visit the Energetic Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ketki Dongare Aug 22, 2019
Jam-packed, busy streets, trams pulling through every second, tourists and locals wandering at a miles stretch, and tons of shops lined along the streets, is what Causeway Bay is. Also what makes this the busiest neighborhood? It is the shopping paradise of Hong Kong.

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Causeway Bay

Spend days and days at leisure at Causeway Bay, but you'll end up asking for more from this vibrant and lively area.

Times Square

You've officially reached heaven if you're a shopaholic! Massive shopping malls and top-chef restaurants are what people often turn up for.

SOGO - The Shopping Paradise

The largest Japanese departmental store at Causeway Bay, this multi-storey shopping mall is exclusive of all top fashion brands. Once in, you never want to leave this paradise without buying it all!

Noonday Gun

Owned by a multi-national company Jardine Matheson, the three-pounder naval gun being fired every noon as part of the one-gun salute tradition, is a fascinating sight to watch.

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Ding Ding Trams

The best way to travel in Causeway Bay is to hop on the Ding Ding tram and roam about anywhere, giving yourself more time to shop, rather than walking the miles.

Jardine’s Crescent Market

A jam-packed market of Causeway Bay, stuffed with local shops selling fashion merchandises, accessories, and street food stalls, this place has a different vibe altogether.

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Tin Hau Temple

Seek out for blessings, and find a moment of solace amid all the high soaring skyscrapers at the beautiful temple dedicated to Tin Hau- the goddess of Sea.

Victoria Park

Ponds, fountains, trees lined along the parks, and greenery everywhere, it is a perfect spot in Causeway Bay to retreat from the crowd and relax.

Yum Chas & Dim Sums

With all the shopping and fun, you are bound to tire yourself! Sip in on the Yum Cha- a local drink of Hong Kong, and gorge on those hot Dim Sums.