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Visit These Magical Top-Rated Attractions in Luxor, Egypt

Vinam Pachkhede Sep 24, 2019
Feel the spiritual spirits while visiting the spectacular temples and tombs sitting amidst Egypt’s rocky valley. We can really call Luxor a land of temples. Get the chance to encounter the life of ancient Thebes.

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Karnak Temple

Located in the Temple of Amun, this spot is an amalgamation of architectural works like old temples, chapels, pylons constructed by various Egyptian rulers.

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Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple

A feminist in you is sure to come alive while admiring the beautiful queen’s depiction with a beard and apron. Highlighting that she is no less than the king. This extravagant temple also exhibit many antiquities.

Valley of Kings

Visit the 63 tombs of the kings from the 18th, 19th, and 20th century. Follow the folklore of the dead man and Sun God. It's fascinating to see the various sarcophagus and relics belonging to the kings.

Temple of Luxor

Embark on the journey of Egypt's Evolution. And follow the lifestyle of Amun and his family. Do not forget to visit the shrine of Alexander the Great, situated in one of the chambers.

Luxor Museum

Admire the local art and follow Thebes story right from Old Kingdom to the Islamic period through the appealing exhibits. The museum also features numerous deities and sculptures.

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Medinet Habu Temple

Once the economic center of the Thebes, this enchanting temple will take you to the era of 18th Dynasty while visiting an old, small temple. It is also known as the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III.

Banana Island

Hop on the felucca and sail through the clam waters. Be sure to blend into the Egyptian culture while enjoying the delicious local meal.

Abu Haggag Mosque

Experience the spiritual essence of Egypt while worshipping at this glorious mosque located on the ruins of Luxor Temple. The mosque will give you some modernized vibes.

Mummification Museum

Knowing about the mummification process and witnessing actual mummies is surely going to fascinate you.