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Visiting the Lovely Limassol, Cyprus

Prachi Dharap Nov 26, 2019
The principal tourist city of Cyprus- Limassol offers simple pleasures of life. The fun-loving locals, delicious meze, and clement climate are just a few things which make Limassol a dream retreat for everyone.

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Lounge at the popular Akti Olympion Beach, located at the city center, to get the exceptional Mediterranean tan.
Visit the medieval Limassol Castle and the museum to see artifacts from over 1,500 years.
Check out the thousands of years of Cypriot history at the Limassol District Archaeological Museum through various artifacts dating back to 10th century BC.
Admire the large flocks of flamingos migrating to the Akrotiri Salt Lake. You can also see many other birds, and nesting sea turtles here.
While traveling to Salt Lake, do pay a visit to the castle on your way.
Hangout at one of the many cafes, bars or restaurants in the busy Saripolou Square. The busy square hosts many good options for socializing.
Gorge on a delicious Meze at friendly tavernas. The meze in Limassol is a complete meal, and not just an appetizer.
Stroll through the Molos Promenade, sip some coffee and unwind at the Molos Park along the seafront.
Revel in the old town full of amazing architecture, market and traditional shops.

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Enjoy windsurfing and other popular water sports at one of the many beaches in Limassol all year round.
Experience Limassol from a different perspective. Stay at the quaint village inns, away from the buzz of the city life.