Warm Vacation Spots That'll Be a Wonderful Respite From the Cold

Warm Vacation Spots
Warm vacation spots, or places that offer a warm climate, are the most visited places during winters. The extreme cold is a major factor that helps you decide on holiday destinations having a tropical climate.
Vacayholics Staff
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
If you happen to think that sultry weather and the scorching sun giving you that highly coveted tan from the moment you reach to the moment you leave is all what warm vacation spots are about, then you would be absolutely wrong. Warm places are generally visited during the winter because, to put it simply, they provide respite from the cold. Such places attract tourists mainly in the winter due to the balmy climate, bright sunshine, and serene beauty they offer. Other than the US, Asian countries also have beautiful weather that can be enjoyed during the harsh winter months. If you are ready to spend your vacation at such exotic destinations, then this article would be a good guide for you.
Places Having Warm Climate
Grand Bay, Mauritius
Located to the east of Madagascar, Mauritius is an excellent tourist destination. Surrounded by beaches and oceans, it attracts millions of tourists during winters. Grand Bay is a tourist village that has recently bloomed, and it is located on the northern side of the Island. The beach has been named after the village, and offers ample sources of amusement to tourists. If you have planned to stay at this place for a weekend getaway, then do not forget to enjoy the sea food of Thai, Spanish and Mauritian origin. While heading towards Mauritius, you can also plan a trip to Blue Bay, Le Morne and Tamarin. The city has great historical places that are worth seeing.
Pattaya Beach, Bangkok
Bangkok abounds with scenic beauty and is the perfect abode for nature lovers. You can spend your entire winter vacation along the coastal areas of the Pattaya beach. The limpid sea has many attractions to offer, and you can relax on the beach for a couple of days. Visit the islands Khao Sam Muk and Ko Sichang, that are located within a few kilometers from Pattaya beach. Exploring Bangkok in a short period is almost impossible, because the entire city is full of beautiful tourists spots. The Elephant Show in Thailand, the Buddhist Pagoda, and Kanchanaburi are worth visiting while going for a trip to Bangkok.
Global Village, Dubailand
It is the world's largest entertainment sector, located on Emirates Road at Dubailand. This is the perfect destination for people looking forward to spending their holidays at exotic places. Global Village has all sources of entertainment. The Pavilions are a shopaholic's delight, while the Fun Fair area provides all types of entertainment and sports. Enjoy authentic cuisines at the lavish restaurants and dining halls. Global Village organizes musical and dance shows throughout the year that are enjoyed a lot by tourists. If your stay lasts for more a couple of days, then you must visit Jumeirah beach, Dubai Maritime City and take a desert safari as well.
Eagle Beach, Aruba
This tiny Caribbean Island is located on the north coast of Venezuela and has some of the best warm beach vacation spots. Eagle beach is a hot spot in Aruba owing to its picturesque beauty and soothing weather. Eagle beach is situated exactly south of Palm beach, which is also a wonderful tourist spot. The sea side hotels and shades are perfect places to halt during vacations. The beach is mostly visited by tourists during winter months, and the balmy weather offers respite from chilly winters. The view of azure blue water, flocks of parakeets, white sands and rocks are spectacular. Phoenix Beach, Arashi Beach and Baby Beach are some of the other places also worth visiting.
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Who doesn't know about the Grand Canyon? But viewing it in reality is indeed a different experience! So this winter finalize your plan to this awesome vacation spot. The canyon is carved by the Colorado river and its best viewed from the top. The stream of water flowing through the edges of the canyon has a spectacular beauty. Watching the sunset from Grand Canyon is a lifetime experience and you should never miss it. Plan your trip in such a way that you can also visit some selected tourists spots in Arizona. The Grand Canyon National Park is a fabulous location where you can experience the beauty of tropical forests. There are ample number of resorts and amusement centers for enjoying your vacation.
With this mini travel guide, I'm sure you would be able to find out the best warm destination of your choice. You can also check out warm spots in Mexico, India, Hawaii, and Singapore for spending your winter comfortably. Beaches are enjoyed most during winters and you can bask leisurely to warm up your body. Book your tickets in advance and enjoy your holidays.
Grand Canyon at sunrise
Jumeirah Beach, Dubai