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Head Out to These Fun and Exciting Weekend Family Getaways Now!

Weekend Family Getaways
With our hectic schedule in life, we really need to take a break or a vacation regularly. But often, there is no time for a vacation. At such times, consider a family getaway for the weekend to give you a break from overworking yourself.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2019
Family hiking in the rain
Nowadays, short weekend outings are becoming more popular than longer vacations. One can arrange such outings without much planning, and also long traveling hours are cut down to a great extent. Planning such trips requires you to take decisions quickly and choosing right destinations as per the needs.
Weekend Getaways for Family
Family Walk
Different weekend getaways for families are provided in the following paragraphs. There are many places to visit for those who live in northeastern USA. The facts on tourist destinations in Pennsylvania and near New York are primarily given ahead.
New York
There are many family getaways near the New York city. Pocono mountains, the Jersey shore, Catskill mountains, and Montauk Point are the popular tourist destinations.
Steel Pier In Atlantic City
One can visit places like Ocean City, Atlantic City, and Long Beach Island that are situated along the Jersey shore. The Pocono mountains are one of the best spots to visit because of the various options available for enjoyment in all seasons.
Camping at night
Snowboarding and skiing are the activities preferred during winter, while tourists can soak themselves in water parks during summer. Camping is also an enjoyable summer activity in this area.
Girl At The Bunny Slope
Baltimore Oriole Perching Male Bird
Cities like Baltimore can be visited during weekends. Places like PSINET Stadium, Oriole Park, and different museums in Baltimore are worth visiting.
Baltimore Oriole Eating Oranges
Allegheny National Forest can also be considered for weekend trips for people from Pennsylvania. The abundant natural resources, wildlife, and mountainous topography, provides with a nice break from routine work.
One can also think about visiting the city of Annapolis during weekends. It is known as the walking city and houses many buildings from the period between 17th and 19th century.
One of the special things about this city is that archaeological excavations/diggings are made continuously. In fact, tourists can experience the process of digging up treasures all by themselves. Recreational activities and sightseeing tours are also recommended for tourists.
Cheap Weekend Family Getaways
Lakeside Camping
Nearby hillocks and mountains could prove be a perfect weekend destination from the point of saving money. One can enjoy various activities like camping, hiking, and cycling in such spots. Some tourist destinations have canoe trip and river rafting facilities.
Even if such services are not available, the greenery and water bodies present near mountainous regions have a healing effect on our mind. Water parks are also an affordable option, provided that one books a room in a hotel having indoor water park facility. Many such indoor water parks are available in metropolitan cities.
Weekend getaways for family are a nice way to have more fun without having to spend much time and money on vacations. Moreover, they provide relief from the hectic daily schedule and rejuvenate us for the next week.