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Exuberant Weekend Getaway Ideas for Couples to Rekindle the Spark

Weekend Getaway Ideas for Couples
Planning a romantic weekend with your partner? Here are some weekend getaway ideas to choose from. Have a look!
Aarti R
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017
A life's worth, the end isn't measured in hours, or dollars. It's measured by the amount of love exchanged along the way.
―Douglas C. Means
A romantic getaway for the weekend is a great idea, which will make you remember the days for years to come. There are many travel agents who can make arrangements for your getaway. In addition, there are affordable deals for couples available online. You just need to decide what is the best option according to your needs and budget. Here are some interesting ideas that you can choose from.
Book a Resort
Although this a common option, you can do this at different vacation spots nearby. Also, try out a different season every time you plan for a romantic getaway. This is a much more fresh and romantic option, instead of going for the same old vacation spot every time. If you love the fall, you can head for a vacation during that time. Otherwise, enjoy making snow bunnies during the winter.
Cozy Cottage
Renting a cottage can be a last-minute idea for a weekend getaway. Going for this plan is very easy, if you have less time for arranging a big vacation. If you own a cottage of your own, take your better half there. Try to decorate it with candles and light the fireplace. Make the place romantic as well as comfortable. Spending a weekend in the cottage for two days, leaving behind the daily chores and stress, can help you both relax.
Skiing Trip
A snow skiing trip is a wonderful idea too. There are many diverse ski destinations in the United States, so it is quite easy to plan a skiing trip for the weekend. Make the skiing trip a fun activity, followed by a relaxing dinner. Sitting besides a warm fire and having a romantic chat after the skiing session, can make your weekend all the more special.
Wine and Dine
Wine tasting is another plan that you can be implemented for a perfect weekend. There are many vineyards that can become perfect weekend retreats. Wine tasting can be, at times free, or they might charge a fee for it. This is totally dependent on the vineyard owner. However, wine tasting is often an inexpensive episode. You can bring along some crusty bread with you. After the wine tasting, you can relax at a spa nearby. At night, have dinner somewhere in a cozy restaurant.
At the Beach
How can one forget about a beach, while listing weekend vacation spots! Beach surfing and then having frosty drinks along with your partner is a fun as well as romantic way to spend the weekend. After all, romantic getaways are just not complete without mentioning a beach as a vacation spot.
Camping Weekend
Camping can be a very cool adventure with your partner. Hiking, fishing, and sitting besides a campfire, are some of the romantic activities that you can do while camping. A tent besides the campfire will be a fantastic idea for a romantic evening with your love.
You need to make your partner feel loved and special. Have fun and make your romantic getaway a memorable one!
Couple enjoying a glass of wine in a winery restaurant
Couple walking together in snow