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Wondering What to Do in Qatar? Here are Some Suggestions for You

Claudia Miclaus Nov 19, 2019
Explore the natural environment, take an exciting desert safari, relax at the many beaches and pools, or enjoy your favorite sport. Whatever your interests are, Qatar has something for everyone.

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Qatar ― the Middle East peninsula, bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia has Doha as its capital city. It is a place worth visiting and some of the attractions and museums you would encounter are listed here.

Cruises and Water Sports

With the blue glittering waters of the Arabian Gulf surrounding most part of the peninsula, water sports and cruising are 'at home'.
If you'd rather explore the waters from beneath, scuba diving is more than appropriate with the two artificial reefs newly built for this very reason. If you are a beginner in sailing and want to try the sailing experience, there are lessons for new learners as well.

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There is enough for everyone as far as water related activities are concerned which includes jet-skiing, water-skiing rentals, pedal boats, parasailing, surfing, wind-surfing and a number of other attractions. A sunset cruise in Doha Bay is a spectacle in itself, making the visitors fall in awe of Doha at night! You simply have to see it to believe it!
Palm Tree Island is a place you'll definitely want to return to if you enjoy the quality tranquil moments and if you are an adventurous person looking for fun.
The swimming pools and beaches are always taken care of by their owners, whose service is offered at highest standards. Rent everything from sport equipment to luxury yachts as long as you want.
Plain and simple relaxation on the beach will surely load your batteries on this sun-kissed island. The charm of the palm trees will simply conquer you and the exotic feeling of the place will simply lift your spirit in admiration for all that gorgeousness.

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Desert Safari

Another exciting way to spend time in Qatar is to go for a Desert Safari.
A trip to the desert is a unique experience for those who have not known the mystery of the endless sandy waves, especially when you know you visit with experienced tour operators in solid four-wheel drive vehicles; and sloping up and down 50 m sand dunes becomes an exciting escapade.
Nowadays each vehicle is properly equipped with all the necessary equipment (air conditioned, etc.) to provide best conditions for the tourists. You might have never encountered such a fine sand before. You will be amazed of how finely grounded the sand becomes due to its constant shifting.
As a good old advice says, one should not be guided in the desert by dunes, because their position changes due to the sand shifting. Hence, they are also known as moving hills.

Oryx - The national animal of Qatar

Oryx is the largest of the Saudi Arabian antelopes. Its natural habitat has been severely affected, and that's why it could be found mainly in captivity in Oryx farms. However, it was rather recently (1990) that Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz released its first herd back in the wild, in the natural environment.
If you want to admire this animal, you can see it near Shahaniya. However you can also see some in Doha zoo, which is another exciting place to visit, especially if you like animals.
Arabian horses are another greatly admired horse breed and you can find them here. Their beauty is well-known all over the globe, whether you enjoy riding a horse or if you only admire its graceful show-jumping from a distance. Al Shaqab Stud Farm is a place where you can do both ― races and shows with the pure Arabian horse breed.

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If you like museums, there are plenty to visit in this kingdom. Here are some of them:
✦ Qatar National Museum , Ethnographical Museum and Weaponry Museum all three located in Doha.
✦ Al Khor Museum in the city of Al Khor.
✦ Al Wakra Museum in Al Wakra.