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What to Pack and What to Avoid for Your Trip to Rio de Janeiro

What to Pack for Your Trip to Rio de Janeiro
The entire world is set to descend on Rio what with the Olympics in 2016. With the summer at its peak, this is a great time to visit Rio. So, start planning your trip, and allow Vacayholics to help you pack.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017
A contingency plan
Losing your luggage during a long flight is common. While you do get it back eventually, pack some essentials in your carry-on bag to avoid inconvenience.
The cidade maravilhosa or marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro is South America's crown jewel. Set in the midst of gorgeous hills, with white sand beaches opening out to the Atlantic, Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And with the humongous statue of Christ the Redeemer watching over this stunning landscape, one can't really help but notice that Rio indeed is as close as we can get to a tropical paradise.
What to Pack for a Trip to Rio de Janeiro
The things you'll be packing would primarily be based on the timing and purpose of your vacation. Essential items also vary from person to person, but what we've put up here is more or less a general list. This is to help you get an idea regarding what to pack, and what can be bought at the destination.
Vintage Swimwear
Barra da Tijuca. Ipanema. Leblon. And of course, Copacabana. Rio's beaches are an integral part of the city's identity. For the citizens of Rio, these beaches are where they meet, greet, eat, and party. Cutting edge fashion defines Rio's beaches, so pack appropriate and comfortable swimwear, which will help you spend a relaxed and memorable day(s) at any of the amazing beaches. Women should pack some kaftans and sarongs along to help you cover up when the weather gets too hot (and it often does!).
Informal Wear
Travel Outfit for man and women
Shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and light linen pants are staple items to be carried to any tropical destination, and Rio is no exception. Women can pack shorts, skirts, sun dresses, and tank tops. Just ensure that you carry tops and t-shirts that pair well with multiple items of bottom wear. Aim to minimize the weight of your cargo baggage.
Formal Wear
Couple holding arms
Your nights in Rio will be spent visiting the city's glitzy bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, which means that you've got to pack some formal clothing as well. The dress code may not be strict everywhere, but Brazilians are a stylish lot, so you've got to keep up.

Even if nights out on town are not your kind of scene, Rio has some amazing churches and basilicas that are waiting to be explored. Mind you, the dress code in several churches is formal.
Womens and mens sandals
Flip-flops are the way to go when you're on the beach; the colorful, the better. Rio is a fabulous city to explore on foot, so don't forget to pack your most comfortable pair of walking shoes. For those night outs, carry a snazzy pair that lights up your outfit, and also lets you walk on the city's cobbled streets.
Liquids plastic bag
Well, you can pick most of these in the city at more or less the same cost, of course. But if you're picky about certain brands, carry your cosmetics and toiletries in travel-sized packs from home. Just make sure that you don't carry the entire cabinet, as you have to keep an eye on the weight of your baggage as well. An important tip is to carry a potent sunblock in ample quantities for a summer vacation to Rio.
Sun shelters
Hat and Sunglasses
Besides the sunblock, you'll have to pack your shades, hats, and scarves to a sunny city like Rio. Alternatively, you may also choose to buy them when you get here.
Beach Bags
Group of objects
Essential to any beach destination, these bags can be used to carry things like towels, hats, swimwear, etc., to the beach. Ensure that your beach bag is lightweight and folds up neatly into your luggage.
Entertainment options
Ipod eighty gb
You'll find that English magazines and paperbacks are quite expensive in Brazil, so if these are vital to you, carry a couple from home. Besides these, you must pack your entertainment essentials like iPods, cameras, and laptops if you can't do without them. While doing so, ensure that you carry round pin adapters with a rated voltage of 220V 10A to charge your gadgets.
Medicines on table
If you are on prescribed medication, it is recommended that you always carry it along wherever you go. Pain killers or tranquilizers must be carried in prescription bottles with your name specified on them.
Travel documents
Visa and Passport
You must keep photocopies of your passport and visa in every piece of luggage that you're carrying as a safeguard in case you misplace your originals. Ensure that you carry your travel insurance documents as well.
Language assistance tools
Translation smartphone
Portuguese is spoken all over Brazil, and unless you speak the language too, you'll have to carry a pocketbook that helps you translate, or perhaps a cell phone app that lets you do the same.
Be money-wise
Bank cards
In this day and age, it is not considered prudent to be traveling with enormous amounts of cash and valuables, when you have the convenience of ATMs. Also, do not carry all your cards everywhere you go, when you'd rather keep them in your hotel safe. Carry limited amounts of cash wherever you go, and avoid venturing alone in secluded areas.
If this is your maiden trip to Rio, you'll understandably be excited about it. Just remember not to get completely caught up in the mayhem, and pack your bags properly. Bon voyage!