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Where You Can Go Paddle Boarding in Brisbane, Australia?

Joe Parker Nov 11, 2019
Paddle boarding is a popular water sport in Brisbane, which is one of the most populous cities in Australia. If you love paddle boarding and would like to have a nice place to do it and meet other people who like paddle boarding as much as you do, Brisbane would be a great destination.

Pumice Stone Passage, Donnybrook

Pumice Stone Passage is a great place if you wish to paddle more quietly. The beach is beautiful and the water is crystal clear.
You might see jetskis occasionally, but if you are okay with that, Pumice Stone Passage is definitely worth checking out.

Enoggera Reservoir

Enoggera reservoir is pretty close to the central business district (CBD). So if you prefer to keep things simple, it would be a great alternative.
But being close to CBD also means there would be a lot of people during weekends. So be prepared for the troubles of finding a parking spot and paddling with the company of other people.

The Caboolture River

If solitude is what you seek in your paddle boarding session, the best destination for you would be Caboolture River.
It's as calm and quiet as a lake and can be adventurous if you choose to cruise down some creeks with your SUP board. Also, the views of the surroundings are magnificent.

Cotton Tree

If you ask locals for a paddle boarding spot, you'll probably get Cotton Tree. It's a favorite for both locals and tourists.
Be aware of the tides, which you can find related information from the Bureau of Meteorology website. Also set off early so you can find yourself a parking spot.

The Brisbane River

The Brisbane River is a classic and must-visit spot for tourists, especially outdoor enthusiasts. It's got calm water and a great view of the city. But it could get pretty crowded.
So for a quiet trip of paddle boarding, this might not be the most ideal choice. But it definitely is a great place to meet people who're into paddle boarding as you.