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Why Bolivia Is a Must on Your Travel Radar

Sonali Pimpale Jul 6, 2019
A country which has embraced varying topography from massive mountains to scorching deserts, Bolivia will make you wish you never had to leave! After all, who can resist pink dolphins!

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North Yungas Road

If you dare, drive down one of the world’s most dangerous roads, fondly nicknamed as the “Death Road”.

Salar de Uyuni

Take a tour of the largest salt flat in the world. The seemingly infinite stretch of white landscape, peppered with salt pyramids, turns into a mammoth mirror during the rainy days!

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Valle de la Luna

Be mesmerized by the sunset at the Valley of the Moon.

Lake Titicaca

Enjoy a tranquil ride on the world’s highest large lake, which also happens to be the largest lake in South America.

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Make sure to drop in at the floating islands built by the Uru people of Bolivia and Peru.

Laguna Colorada

Keep an eye out for rare James’s flamingos frolicking in the vivid red waters of the Laguna Colorada (Red Lagoon).

Train Cemetery

As bizarre as it sounds, Bolivia is the abode of the “Great Train Graveyard”, where you’ll find the rusted remains of forsaken trains from the 20th century.

Pink Dolphins!

Hike through the Bolivian pampas for a memorable Amazon experience, complete with sightings of the rare pink river dolphins, among other wildlife. Enduring a few (million) mosquitoes will be well worth the effort, wouldn’t you say?


Admire the ruins of an ancient civilization at Tiwanaku. The site’s pyramid, semi-subterranean temple, and the Gate of the Sun, merit a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Parque Cretácico (Cal Orck’o)

The Cretaceous Park in Sucre hosts the largest collection of dinosaur footprints in the world!