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Why Do Travelers Prefer Boutique Hotels? An Explorer's Perspective

Why Do Travelers Prefer Boutique Hotels?
Why choose a boutique hotel? If you'd ask me, I'd say that their quirkiness bowls me over every time.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
London's first rock'n'roll boutique hotel ...
... the Sanctum Soho Hotel is reportedly where Metallica's Kirk Hammett wrote the classic Enter Sandman riff in the middle of the night, thrashing at his guitar in his room.
A leisure holiday is meant to be an enriching experience. An experience that lets you soak in the local flavors of the region, perhaps become a part of its history, and be much more than a mere memory.

So, how do boutique hotels figure into the scheme of things here? Simple, really. Boutique hotels have none of the lacking-in-spirit professionalism of large chains, neither do they claim to be your home away from home as B&B's do. Boutique hotels, simply put, are too unique to be missed out on, especially if you're looking for an 'out of the box' kind of holiday. Want more reasons? Here they are.
They keep it real.
Boutique hotel in Bhamdoun Lebanon
Boutique hotels always up the ante when it comes to lending an earthy touch to your stay. Usually, these hotels are never in middle of nowhere; in fact their heartland location is their biggest USP. The logic behind this is simple―these hotels target customers who are looking to max their travel experience through some quirky, yet memorable touches. As you stay here, you'll have easy access to the very best that the city has to offer, be it places of interest, hotspots, or shopping avenues.
They're there for you.
Man at reception hall
Yes, you. These hotels are mostly smaller establishments, which makes it easier for them to maintain a good rapport with their regulars. Which more or less means that your queries get heartfelt answers, your preferences are honestly remembered, and your feedback gets applied sooner. One often finds their staff more informal and eager, which is refreshing compared to the stiffly formal personnel in the bigger chains.
They make it rare.
Elevator lobby in luxury hotel
Boutique hotels possess a certain quality that sets them apart from the rest. It maybe their attention to architectural details, some pretty bad-ass decor, or even the fact that they are regularly favored by celebrities―rest assured that these hotels have something different that sets them apart.
They redefine luxury.
Luxury hotel interior
No, I'm not talking gold-plated-toilet-seats luxury, but a genuinely spaced-out, feel-good kind of luxury. The rooms here aren't run of the mill in the slightest, as you'd find in every other hotel out there. We're talking Louis XIV furniture, an armchair that Elvis once sat in, or a vase that belonged to Liz Taylor. And each of these placed in a spacious room that's designed to look like no other, completely befitting the artifact.
They say 'no' to claustrophobia.
Hotel lobby
It's rather rare to see a matchbox room in a boutique hotel. These hotels seem to take immense pride in their roominess, with the customers loving every bit of it. So, say hello to spaciously plush rooms, ornate lobbies, and lavish reception areas; it's hard to be elbowed in the ribs while you're here.
They do try (really hard) to keep all of this affordable.
Piggy bank on wallet
You'd be forgiven for assuming that all this is waaay beyond your reasonable means of income. But relax, will you? Agreed, there are boutique hotels that can give the mighty Marriott a run for its money. But there also are a large number of others that offer the same uniqueness at affordable price tags. Now, you may not expect them to be ostentatious, but they certainly offer the best in terms of uniqueness and cost-effectiveness.
Ultimately, the kind of hotel you choose to stay in will depend on various factors like your budget, the location, your preferences, and of course, the availability. But the next time you set out on a leisurely and intimate vacation, pick a boutique hotel. Believe me, it will redefine the way you holiday in the years to come.
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