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OMG! Selfie Sticks are Banned at These Places! But Why?

Why Selfie Sticks Are Banned At These Places
The trend of banning selfie sticks is soon catching on! From Disney theme parks to the Met, these gadgets are definitely a no-no, and Vacayholics gives you a few reasons why.
Vacayholics Staff
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Young man is sitting on roof and looking Strong hiker taking photo with smartphone, mountain peak
No More Selfies with the Kitty
From 2015, posing and clicking pictures with lions and other big cats has been termed illegal in New York, prompted mainly due to safety concerns and the well-being of the wild animals.
We live in a world where anybody and everybody is either on Facebook or Instagram, and our photos tell our story. Everyone wants to freeze every moment they feel pretty or are having a time of their lives in a few kilobytes. It is a world where, whether you love them or hate them, selfies are here to stay!

With a big chunk of most of our selfies or groupfies are occupied by a blurred arm and the other corner of the photograph only showing part of a person's face, most of our self-attempted photographs have been a disaster. That is when these nifty not-so-little gadgets came to our rescue.

A selfie stick allows its user to click good quality selfies or groupfies beyond the normal arm range by simply mounting the camera or the phone on it. Some of these gadgets have a remote or Bluetooth controls that makes it a little easier for the user to click a picture.

As great as they may be, these gadgets have received a lot of criticism. Apart from being extremely dorky-looking, the rising popularity of this gadget depicts the narcissistic and self-obsessed bunch we have turned into. Today, many of the tourist attractions all over the world have prohibited the use of this gadget, and that's not just because they make you look dorky.
Places That Have Banned The Selfie Stick
Art Institute of Chicago
The Smithsonian in Washington DC
Institutes like the Smithsonian, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Guggenheim Museum, London's National Gallery, etc., have banned the use of selfie sticks to prevent any damage to the artifacts or other people.
The Colosseum in Rome
Since March 2015, tourists visiting the Colosseum in Rome are prohibited from carrying a selfie stick over concerns that this device could damage the monument.
The Palace of Versailles
This ban came shortly after two American tourists were arrested after being caught carving their initials in the monument and clicking selfies with it. The Palace of Versailles soon followed this and issued a ban on selfie sticks in its premises.
South Korea
In 2014, officials in South Korea issued a ban on the sale of unlicensed selfie sticks with Bluetooth technology. This ban was put in place as they were causing malfunction of many electronic devices. People selling uncertified selfie sticks were fined a whopping 30 million won, around $20,000!
Kaaba in Mecca
The O2 Arena in London
Coachella Valley Music Arts Festival
Places like the O2 arena and various music festivals like the Coachella Valley Music Arts Festival, Lollapalooza, festivals at Copacabana,etc., have banned the selfie stick in order to curb unauthorized filming of live performances.
Disneyland Paris Hotel
Selfie sticks have been banned from the happiest places in the world―all Disney themed parks―since June 2015. Despite the ban on the use these devices on rides, there were numerous instances where the rides had to be stopped after people attempted to use this device as they could be hazardous.
Wembley Stadium in London
This device has been banned in almost every stadium in Brazil. Places like the Wembley Stadium, the Etihad Stadium, White Hart Lane Stadium, etc., have also been banned due to their potential use as a weapon that could compromise the safety of others. This ban was also put in place to discourage people from filming and photography.
If you thought you could live with these bans, then here are a few more, that are a bit hard to digest. Selfie sticks were banned from the cycling event in Australia called "Tour Down Under", this ban was put in place for the safety of the spectators, cyclists, and the officials. Apple Inc. banned these devices from a WWDC Developers conference as well, in order to discourage filming and professional photography of the event.

In addition to these, officials in Pamplona have banned tourists from clicking selfies during the annual Running of the Bulls festival for runners, for obvious safety reasons. Muslims are warned against clicking selfies at Mecca as it may pose a distraction from prayers and self-contemplation.

The latest trend of banning selfie sticks is soon catching on and is getting banned from almost everywhere you want to be, not because everyone around hates to see you carry your selfie sticks and posing your heart out, but because people have always refused to respect the rules the places they visited.