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Why to Visit Huatulco, Mexico

Prerana Jamdarkhana Jul 3, 2019
What more reason does anyone need to visit this place where the sun is smiling down all through the year. This adventurous and beautiful Mexican town is much more than what meets-the-eye.

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Sun, Sea, Sand

A promise of sparkling water, sandy feet and fun-filled exciting water sports is what bays in Huatulco offer.

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Santa Cruz Bay

Being a calm beach with mild waves and good food-services, this is a perfect place for kids and family.

Tangolunda Bay

Glorious resorts, restaurants and private beaches make Tangolunda an envious luxury.

La Crucecita

As a town in Huatulco to shop and stroll around, cozy villas and condos make space for every visitor.

Hautulco National Park

The park has thousands of plant species and hundreds of animals, amongst which White Tailed Deer and Armadillos stand apart.

Finca La Goria

Experience the coffee process from berries to beans in Finca La Goria coffee plantation.

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Water Sports at Bays

Clear waters of Huatulco bays offer scuba, snorkelling, fishing and many other water activities for enthusiasts.

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Río Copalita

If you are searching for river rafting and surfing, River Copalita is the place for you.