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Why Visit the Picturesque Montreal Botanical Garden

Prerana Jamdarkhana Jul 3, 2019
Stretching across 190-acre, Montreal garden is a colorful world you are sure to fall in love with. On a mission to conserve endangered plant species, the garden is buzzing with visitors every season.

Gardens of Light

A prodigal walk in nature’s own heaven, thousands of lights and lanterns dazzle in garden on unique theme every Autumn.

Green Year-Round

Highly popular in the garden are Greenhouses that lush throughout the year.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens

The gardens bloom with thousands of plant species from China and Japan. While Chinese section has an artificial mountain, visitors can take tea lessons in Japanese garden.

First Nations Garden

Filled with medicinal and food plants, this garden is for the indigenous culture of Canada.

Alpine and Rose Garden

Smell the roses if you are lost amidst sea of colorful flowers. Beautiful as they are, Alpine garden is most spectacular in Fall.

Lion de la Feuillee

  • A majestic lion placed in the Montrel Botanical garden is a gift from city Lyon of France.
  • This lion is one of the four lions originally built facing each anchor of a cable-bridge in Lyon.
  • In 1930, they were moved to Saint Clair Waterworks. One of them was sent to Montreal in 1992.

Bonsai Love

Inspired by Chinese and Japanese methods, Bonsai are a hit amongst visitors.

Butterflies Go Free

Every winter, people seek warmth walking amongst dashing butterflies in this spectacular event.

Totem Poles

As a symbol of Canadian art, painted long pillars are upright all over First Nations Gardens.