Tips for a Family Vacation in Winter

Handy Tips to Plan a Vacation in Winter for a Perfect Family Time

Italy, France, Napa Valley, or Sacramento ... where do you go for your next winter holiday? Here is some information that can help you along the way.
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Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
This popular song can mean one thing and one thing only: winter is here! And with it comes Christmas eve, Christmas day, Boxing day, New Years eve, News years Day, and lots of celebration. It is time for merry making, and for winter holidays.

For some families, it is a tradition to take a winter holiday. They love packing up the kids and venturing out to new places, either to go skiing or to go to an amusement park. But, if you do not have kids, then a more romantic holiday is in store for you. You could go to a romantic chateau in France or go touring in Italy, or if you want something closer to you, then you can go to a romantic bed and breakfast in Napa Valley and enjoy wine tasting in the wineries there. For the more adventurous, couples can enjoy the extravagance of Las Vegas or live it up in Hollywood. Whatever your choice maybe, winter holidays are the perfect time for family vacations.

The best way to enjoy your winter vacation is by planning it all out, especially if it is one that involves kids. You will need to play everything out from staying to meals and amusement so that your kids do not get bored and annoy you. Selecting the perfect destination can be quite daunting, as each member in your family will want different things; some may want to enjoy the sun and surf, while others may want to have a traditional white Christmas.
Winter Family Vacation Tips
Here are some tips that will make your work a little simpler:
  • First, make a list of all the places that interest you and your family. Get everyone's choices and list it all out. Then, narrow down the list to four places and places that are practical for you to visit, keeping in mind the budget, time, and logistics. Keep in mind children and elderly who may be traveling with you and their comfort.
  • Once you have your four selections, ask friends, colleagues, and other family members for information about these. Have they visited these places, what is worthwhile, is it suitable for kids? If they have not visited the places on your list, ask them for their suggestions and include those in your list.
  • Then, make a list of all the things that the travel spot must have and what would be nice to have. This could help narrow down your choices.
  • Start crossing off destinations till you come down to one place.
  • Use the Internet for research. Find out everything you can about the place, from hotels, nightlife, family fun to foods to try out, things to avoid, and weather conditions.
  • Next, you need to do research on hotels, check for reviews, and ratings. Also see what kind of facilities they have and what the kids can enjoy.
  • Speak to travel agents and get brochures and compare that information with the stuff you got on the Internet. The more information you have, the more prepared you are.
  • Keep price in mind while selecting your travel destination and hotel. Do not choose a destination or hotel only because it is cheap. Look for what all it has to offer. There can be nasty surprises for you when you arrive at your 'cheaper' destination.
  • Make itineraries so that all the members of your family have something they like to do. All your Internet research will help where this is concerned.
  • Make all arrangements from home so that you do not have to handle things there. Once you get to your holiday spot, you just need to relax and have fun.
Enjoy your winter holiday, but remember to pack those Christmas gifts, you do not want sulky kids who did not get their gifts, do you?
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