Winter Vacations for Couples

Sujata Iyer Oct 19, 2018
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Winter vacations are the perfect way to bring in the holidays and enjoy each other's company. This list will help you pick a spot for yours.
What do you need when you've had enough of your office? What do you need when you've not had enough of your sweetheart? What do you need to drive the blues away? A vacation, of course! And the perfect time to go on a vacation with your partner or spouse is during winter.
It's holiday season, so you don't have to worry about taking a leave of absence. Plus, you can escape the chore of cleaning and cooking for the entire family! You're definitely interested now, aren't you? Well then, let's cut to the chase and check out some spots that are excellent for romantic winter vacations for couples.


Go on a fun-filled Florida vacation with your sweetheart and do all the things that you've never done. Visit the beautiful beaches all across the state, right from Miami to the other secluded beaches to enjoy your privacy and celebrate your love.
Go on boat tours, visit museums, visit winter parks, and there's lots more to do in Florida. So enjoy yourself!


How can any list of vacation ideas be complete without the mention of Hawaii. If utter relaxation and pampering is what you need then Hawaii has everything to offer.
Scenic beaches, golden sand, fragrant flowers, indulging spas, and your partner's hand in yours. You have any better ideas for a vacation?


Snow, snow and some more snow. If you want to be in the midst of gleaming white snow, then the place you need to go to is Alaska.
Among the things you can do here are go whale watching, visit museums, visit the El Dorado gold mine, and others. Or you can just take an Alaskan cruise and travel around it!


One of the most sought after winter destinations is definitely Switzerland. Wander around in the picturesque valleys, ski and sled down the snow-clad mountain slopes, and then relax by a fire, sipping delicious hot chocolate. Good stuff, isn't it?


A great place that you can visit in winter if you want to get away from the frigid snow and cold, is Kerala, India. This beautiful southern state is a good winter vacation destination in India.
It has earned the sobriquet 'God's own country' and is one of the most calm and peaceful places with glorious beaches, beautiful backwaters, and lush greenery all around!

Caribbean Cruise

Another great idea for a winter vacation is to go on a Caribbean cruise together. Dock at gorgeous ports like Aruba, St. Thomas, Grand Turk, etc., and have wonderful fun on the beaches, with thrill rides, water sports, and the glorious rainforest.
You can choose from the ideas given and have a fantastic vacation away from all the madness of your lives. Remember to take all the possible points into consideration while choosing a vacation package from your travel agent. Enjoy!