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Wondering Which Places to Visit in Volgograd, Russia?

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Prerana Jamdarkhana Dec 2, 2019

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Mamayev Kurgan

The vast expanse, impressive architecture, the red flags- everything about the place is associated with World War II and the significance of the Battle of Stalingrad.

The Motherland Calls

Located at Mamayev Kurgan, it is one of the tallest statues in the world. The sheer size and the powerful pose strike a chord with the bravery, sacrifice and spirit of Russia.

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Hall of Military Glory

An eternal flame burns in the Hall of Military Glory. Decorated with red banners, the walls of the hall list the names of about 7,200 of the fallen defenders of Stalingrad.

Volgograd Panorama Museum

A 360-degree panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad, throwing light on the impact of WWII on Russia in specific and on the world in general, is worth your time and attention. Free audio headphones and English snippets are available in the museum.

Pavlov's House

The house strikes you hard that World War was real! The broken walls are a reminder of Red Army withstanding the Germans for about 60 days.

Mel'nitsa Gergardta

Along with Pavlov House, this mill was also a defensive point of the Red Army firing at the Germans. The burnt mill stands till today as a historic monument.

Volga–Don Canal

The artificial canal, built by a million people, linking the closest part of Volga and Don rivers is a place to relax. This distinctive canal also has a minor planet named after it. Wow!

Lake Elton

A picturesque lake in Volgograd, Lake Elton, is known for its beauty and diversity. Have a laid-back time, enjoying the view of the largest salt lake in Europe.

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High-Speed Tram Ride

The Metrotram is a one of its kind that combines the best of subway and tram. The tram is enlisted in Forbes magazine as the fourth most interesting tram routes in the world.

The Central Station

More like a museum than a station, head here just to have a glance at the exquisite beauty of the building. The station was declared an architectural landmark in 1997 country-wide.

Don’t forget a Tourist Stamp

Not a place but something you must not forget to pick up from Volgograd streets- the three types of stamps with pictures of Volgograd landmarks burnt manually on a small wooden chip. Perfect souvenir!