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Traveling? Take Note of These 15 Worst Tourist Traps in the World

Worst Tourist Traps in the World
Traveling is an experience that broadens your mind, but these locations seem to excel only at draining your wallet and exhausting your patience.
Ruchita Kapadia
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Wanderlust tugs at the heartstrings of many, and we love being washed over with the new and the exotic. While traveling, we do come across tourist traps. They pierce that little magic bubble being in a strange new place creates. Tourist traps. Those noisy, crowded, expensive, commercial places that make your head spin, leave you with a lighter wallet, and a bad aftertaste.
Here is a list of some of the worst tourist traps in and around the world; over-crowded, over-priced, and some may say overrated and misrepresented.
Times Square, New York City
Crowded Times Square, NYC
Crowded and noisy, this tourist attraction is basically an intersection consisting of ubiquitous chain stores, rude cab drivers and pollution. And oh yes, seizure-inducing neon lights.
Tower of London, England
Tower of London
Although the Tower of London has a uniquely fascinating history, this tourist attraction is full of impatient tourists in long lines. Noisy and exorbitantly priced, all you get is regimental glimpses of things you should be allowed to experience at your leisure.
Piazza San Marco/St. Marks Square, Venice
St. Marks Square, Venice
Although marketed as the perfect place to sit down for a cup of coffee, the locals advise against it, saying that it's an overpriced tourist trap.
Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica
Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica
Don't expect to see this sight when you're there. Imagine, spread generously across the falls, hundreds of wet tourists scrambling over each other. Although beautiful to behold, the Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica are ruined by crowds of tourists being...well, tourists, and tour guides heckling you.
Winston Churchill's Britain at War Experience, London
Britain at War Experience, London
An original artifact is a rare sight among a sea of fake blood unceremoniously slathered on your average plastic mannequin.
Nanjing Dong Lu, Shanghai
Shanghai Shopping Street
Although this street in China has an interesting history, the current sight is one that is all too common; overpriced, omnipresent commercial chain stores.
Blarney Stone, Ireland
Blarney Stone Castle, Ireland
The Blarney Stone in Ireland is supposed to endow you with the gift of the gab and a silver tongue. Provided you dangle upside down and give it a little smooch of course. If you're keen to join the truckloads and share your saliva with a million strangers, go for it.
Gondola Ride, Venice
Venice Gondola Ride
Crowded, noisy, and costing you an average of €80 in the daytime and €100 after sunset ("romantic serenade", extra), the Venetian gondola ride is not what you've seen in the films.
Niagara Falls, North America
Niagara Falls
Naturally breathtaking, what ruins the Niagara Falls is the blatant exploitation by commercialism. The view of the falls is shattered by dozens of tourist boats, gangplanks, hotels and restaurants. Join the herd as you peer over the shoulders of the man in front of you to catch a glimpse of the magnificent tragedy.
Stonehenge, United Kingdom
Stonehenge, United Kingdom
An aura of mystery and magic is said to envelop this unexplained structure, but the sad truth is, that it stands forlornly crammed between two busy roads. The aura is ruined by traffic and tourists as they click away, from the preset distance of course; you're not allowed to get too close to the stones. Like a display at the zoo, gaze at this ancient wonder from the fence.
Walt Disney World, Orlando
Ferris Wheel
Unless you're a die-hard, hardcore Disney fan, The Walt Disney World in Orlando will seem to be what it is, an overpriced commercial tourist trap. Will your dreams come true? If your dream consists of waiting in line for a cartoon mouse to take all your cash then, yes!
Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
Benoa, Bali
Packed to the brim with jet skis and banana boats, you'll have to dodge dozens of other snorkelers in murky waters, strangely devoid of fish.
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
Wait in line with hundreds of others and dish out an admission fee of €15 to climb up the crowded spiral staircase and then climb down again...
Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Forbidden City
Notorious for dozens of scams, The Forbidden City, contrary to its name, is packed with tourists and con-artists. Try to get there earlier than opening hours (and politely refuse the polite people who altruistically sidle up to you), in order to avoid the extremely long wait and being scammed out of your money.
Taj Mahal, India
Taj Mahal
Ridiculously expensive, costing about 1000 rupees if you're a tourist (it's Rs. 20 for locals) (excluding vehicle fees and photograph/camera fees) the Taj Mahal's architectural elegance is ruined by ugly pollution monitors and crowds of milling tourists, haranguing tour guides who pester you with a "historically accurate" story and photographers who harass you into taking undignified and expensive pictures of holding the top of the dome.
* Prices provided here were accurate at the time of publication.