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Your Airport-Visit Made Easy

Sarah Roberts Aug 16, 2019
Excited for your holiday but the thought of inevitable airport stress is dampening your spirits? Ensure the airport experience becomes a relaxing addition to your holiday with these top airport tips.

Pre-Plan Your Parking

Airport parking can be the first stressful hurdle of your airport experience. The key to avoiding last minute parking stress is pre-planning!
For the best deals at discounted prices, check the given link. Image source: Parking At Airports.

Sort Your Luggage Dimensions

There’s nothing worse than being told your luggage doesn't fit with airline requirements and you have to pay additional charges just to get it on board.
So don’t leave it to chance, click here for the best article on how to calculate linear inches and airline specifications.

Digital Boarding Pass

Always stressing about the location of your boarding pass? Download your airline’s app and get a digital boarding pass.
All you have to do is screenshot the QR code and your boarding pass is on hand for whenever you may need to scan it.

Take Hand Luggage

If you are going on a long holiday a hold suitcase may be necessary, but for those short-trip holidayers, hand luggage is the way to go.
You get to skip past the enormous queue for check in and sail through security. Think of the stress you’ll save. Not to mention you won’t have to wait for baggage reclaim when you land.

Ensure You’re Entertained

Always be prepared for delays with sufficient sources of entertainment. Charge your phone, download your favourite TV programmes and get stuck into a good book.

Eat at the Airport

Nobody wants to pay out of their holiday budget for excessively priced airline food. So, always  eat before you fly.
Airport food doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming, grab a quick meal deal from an airport store. You’ll save the stress of paying a fortune for a simple sandwich on the plane.