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Your Ultimate Guide to Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Bindu swetha Jul 31, 2019
The curved pink stretch of the beach with turquoise waters in the background and lush green patches adding to the scenic beauty, Horseshoe Bay is a picture-perfect location for your holiday!

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The Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay is the best place for snorkeling and swimming during summers.

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If you go for snorkeling or scuba diving, you will be amazed to see the underwater marine life such as the parrotfish, angelfish, sergeant majors, snappers, wrasse, etc.
If you are out at the beach with your tiny toddlers then head straight to the western edge of the beach, where there is a natural shallow pool. The Butts beach is perfect for toddlers to splash and wade in the water!
You can walk your way to the Butts Beach that is around an interesting rock formation, towards the east of the main beach. You can also enjoy some calm floating time at the small sandy cove near these rock formations.
For the adventurous tourists, you can explore the cliff-jumping spots at the beach. The Crown is one such point where you can find a large rock to the right, as soon as you enter the main beach.

Best Time to Visit

This pink sand beach is usually flooded with tourists during the summer and fall i.e. from May to October. This is the time most of the cruises make daily visits to the beach, and hence, the beach gets crowded.
If you need to enjoy some quiet time at this crowded beach, then you must visit the place early in the morning. However, you can enjoy some of the best views of the beach during winters and fall.
The tourists' inflow during this time is at the lowest and you can enjoy the beauty of the beach with a few locals around. However, you cannot swim and snorkel to your heart's content without wearing a wet suit!

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If possible, visit the beach during Good Friday to participate and enjoy at the Kite Festival. Also, every year in August, Sand Sculpture competition is held here for families and kids.


The Portuguese man o' war, jellyfish-like creatures, occasionally get swept onto the beach. The sting due to the long tentacles of these creatures can be painful and even poisonous.
Though the beach is extremely safe, you just need to make sure to avoid risky parts of the beach during ocean swelling.
The beach has all basic facilities such as washrooms, changing rooms, foot showers, eateries, bars, and beach rental rooms. You can enjoy the beauty of the beach from sunrise to sunset.