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Your Visitor Guide to Explore Chongqing, China

Nupur Lakhe Aug 27, 2019
Chongqing, also known as the 'Mountain City' provides a landscape which is abundant with beauty. The city also flourishes with Chinese ethnicity. It is home to two rivers and as a tourist there is a lot to enjoy, explore and experience.

Ciqikou Ancient Town

Take a whiff of old Chongquin by wandering in the streets of this little town. Take a look at the Ming and Qing dynasty buildings and savor a local experience of the place.

Three Gorges Dam

It is the world's largest power station with respect to the installed capacity since 2012. This hydroelectric gravity dam is hosted on the Yangtze river luxuriously.

Three Gorges Museum

The museum portrays the history of Chongquin region and also gives insight over the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. Book a tour to attend the same.

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Hongya Cave

The place exhibits the city's culture and is adorned with stilted houses along the stone paved pathways. Enjoy an evening here tasting local delicacies and admiring the night lights of the busy place.

Dazu Rock Carvings

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the Top Eight Grottoes in the world. The rock carvings are aesthetic and culturally diverse.

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Furong Cave

Furong cave on the banks of river Furong and in the lap of Wulong Karst Landscape is a must-visit site in Chongqing. While you are here, do not miss on checking out the picturesque Wulong valley and its attractions.

Wulong Karst Landscape

Three Natural Bridges - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Longshui Gorge and Fairy Mountain are a must-see places apart from Furong Cave.

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Yangtze River Cruise

Cruise over Yangtze river from Chongqing to Yichang with a breathtaking view of Three Gorges is a must. A short ride to see the city lights during evenings is a good idea too.

Experience the Monorail

Explore Chongqing city's nook and crannies by Monorail which can take you to various tourist sites with a splendid view of the passing city.

Yangtze River Cableway

Take a fun cable-way ride to enjoy the panoramic city view of Chongqing and Yangtze River.

Jiefangbei Square

Jiefang monument stands in the center of the busy Jiefangbei square. Often referred to as "Times square of Chongqing" it is a place to be enjoyed with good food and shopping.

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The Great Hall of People

Also known as People's Auditorium, it is a large hall for political meetings and cultural events. It also serves as an architectural symbol of Chongqing city.

Ghost city of Fengdu

It is a large complex of shrines, temples and monasteries on Ming mountain which depicts afterlife.

Chongqing Zoo

Interesting fact: Apart from the other animals that it is home to, there are around 230 species of Panda housed here.

E'ling Public Park

This public park with abundant plant species is a lush green sight. Stroll around or climb the tower-Liangjiang Pavilion to catch the view of the Yangtze river and Chongqing city.
Give your touristy self a break and unwind at Ronghui Hot Springs Resort with some sizzling 'Hot Pot' - a locale delicacy of the place.