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A Home Away From Home: All About Extended Stay Hotels

Extended Stay Hotels
If you have to stay away from home for an extended period of time, then you should look for extended stay hotels, which can be like your home away from home. Read this information to know more about such hotels and the advantages that they offer.
Ranjan Shandilya
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2019
Extended hotels are ideal for people who have to stay away from home at a particular place for long periods of time. The main purpose of an extended stay hotel is to make long term stay at hotels more affordable and provide accommodations that help create a home-like experience.
The reasons for long term stay can vary between a business trip, corporate relocation, or a vacation with family. The space that these hotels provide is more, along with the amenities that are designed keeping long term business, leisure, and relocation travelers in mind. The main advantages include a kitchen and a laundry service that run around the clock.
In hotels that provide extended stay facilities, studio suites are available that are usually bigger compared to typical rooms, and are also definitely more economically when compared to corporate apartments. They are also located near metro areas and convenience stores for greater ease.
Some hotels also provide additional amenities, including wireless high speed internet or broadband facilities. These hotels are a good choice for travelers who need a place for a week or more. It is also ideal for families that are on vacation on a budget, as the rooms are bigger, and a kitchen is also available that helps save on food.
A nice yellow hotel room with one bed
With the advent of technology, you will not have to look too far for an extended stay hotel. All you need is to type in the location where you would be requiring a hotel on the Internet and you can rest assured that you will get plenty of options to choose from.
Some websites provide the facility of a virtual tour and you can survey the site and your room on the Internet. Book and pay online in advance if required. Some chains of hotels tie up with the company and provide discounts or other promotional offers. A good idea to check up with your organization if they have a tie up with a particular chain of hotels.
You could also discuss the same with your colleagues who have stayed in some of the hotels, and pick up a few tips as to what would serve your requirement. If you are looking for a hotel for a vacation, then you could consider an off peak time. This will ensure that you get an additional rebate.
When to Choose Extended Stay Hotels
Extended hotel stays are ideal for people who are:

✦ Working on a project that will keep them away from home for an extended period of time.

✦ A family on vacation who would like access to a kitchen and laundry facilities.

✦ A family is in the process of buying or remodeling their house.
✦ A family or an individual is relocating to a new place.

✦ A family or an individual visiting relatives at a different location.

✦ It is also ideal for people who would like to stay away from their house or families for some time to resolve some emotional or personal issues.
Well, some of the higher end suites at hotels also provide a semi kitchen-like setup. But here are a list of some of the amenities that hotels providing extended stays provide at no charge, while other hotels would charge heavily for the same.
kitchen cabinets
✦ All rooms are fully equipped with kitchens and appliances which includes a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, dishes, cooking utensils, and a dining table. These are provided at no additional cost.
✦ Housekeeping and laundry service is provided around the clock.

✦ Some extended stay hotels also provide exercise centers and pools.
To conclude, hotels that provide extended stays are an attractive option to a number of different people, and are often the preferred accommodation choice for a broad range of hotel guests. Paying for exorbitant hotels does not make any sense especially if you are on a vacation.
The rooms should be neat and clean with adequate facilities; basically a home away from home. Extended hotel stays provide an answer to all the requirements and one should take full advantage of them.