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How to Choose a Rolling Briefcase

Travel Basics: How to Choose an Appropriate Rolling Briefcase

A rolling briefcase makes traveling very simple and convenient. Choosing a rolling briefcase starts with identifying the utility of the bag.
Foram Mehta
Last Updated: Dec 18, 2018
A rolling briefcase can be used for formal, adventure and casual purposes. Identify your purpose for picking up a rolling briefcase, as there different bags for different utilities. A rolling bag for an adventure trip will be very different from a rolling bag for an official or formal purpose, in terms of the size, the fabric used, etc.
Choosing a Rolling Briefcase
Once you have decided your purpose for buying rolling briefcase, consider the following factors to pick the right bag for you.
rolling briefcase sizes
The size of your bag would depend on your need. If you are looking at a normal bag that you can carry when you are traveling for work and for a casual trip both then pick a rolling bag big enough that it matches with the overhead spaces in airplanes.
Compartments and Pockets
rolling briefcase Pockets
There should be enough compartments for you to be able to organize your things well. Usually a two compartment bag with two external pockets is good enough.
You need a minimum of two compartments so that you can segregate your footwear from clothes, or inner garment from other clothes, etc. External pockets will provide space for you to keep your accessories. A single-compartment bag will make your contents unorganized.
It's important that bags are light in weight. This makes carrying these bags easy and comfortable. A heavy bag will make carrying it a burden and absolutely frustrating.
Vertical/ Horizontal
Usually horizontal bags keeps the things in your bag in place, whereas in case of a vertical bag, chances are more, that your belongings might be dislocated. However, a vertical bag is a better size to carry as they are long and moderately broad.
Fabric Used
It is very important that the fabric used for the briefcase are very durable and sturdy. Also the bag should be water resistant to prevent damage from water.
Closure System
The closure system of the briefcase should be such that it reduces the risk of damaging the zipper. It should be easy to close and replace.
Collapsibility of a bag is a very important factor in deciding which rolling bag you should choose. Because of the wheels, a rolling bag is bound to take a good amount of space, but it's also important that the bag can be folded and kept without taking too much of space. It shouldn't be like a pillar standing right in the middle of your room.
Wheels of a bag should be durable and easy to drag and slide. Wheels are normally made of plastic or gel. Plastic wheels are durable but they tend to make a lot of sound. Gel wheels are more placid but they tear out easily. However, gel wheels are apt for formal briefcases.
It is a rational decision to buy a extensible briefcase; you might want to take it out on an extended vacation. The expandable characteristic of the bag will allow you to stuff more things inside, when you are returning home, after a spree.
Extension Handles
Extension handles again, have to be sturdy and light. Usually handles that are made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, give the most efficient results.
Colorful rolling briefcase
There are an array of colors in rolling briefcases. If you are buying a briefcase for a casual purpose then you can go for all the cool colors as pink, red, green, blue, etc. But if you are looking a bag to carry for work, then pick common colors and blends easily with all sort of attires.
If you are ready to invest a good amount of money on your rolling briefcase then also make sure it has a complimentary tracing program. A tracer has been implanted in the bag, so that in case of theft or loss of your bag, recovering the bag becomes more viable.
Besides all points mentioned here, check for the tie down straps, compression straps, top carry handle, side carry handle and telescoping handles too. There are different styles and types of briefcases to choose from. Look at your budget, then consider the size, color, durability and style of the briefcase before picking one.