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How to Pack Your Makeup Bag for Travel

How to Pack Your Makeup Bag for Travel
Packing a travel-sized makeup bag requires a great deal of prudence and enormous self-control, as most makeup addicts will tell you. This Vacayholics article, therefore, tells you how not to go overboard while you're packing your makeup bag while traveling.
Renuka Savant
A quick tip
To keep your powdered cosmetics (eye shadows, foundations, etc.) from shattering, wrap the cases in hand towels or socks.
Packing your bags for traveling isn't the pleasurable activity it used to be, no thanks to the innumerable restrictions that have been imposed upon us in the recent times. Just as you're through with the maniacal calculation to stay within the baggage weight restriction, out comes the no-sharp-items and the no-carrying-aerosols rule. So out go your tweezers and deodorants; never mind the fact that you may look like a raccoon and smell like a skunk on your holiday.
Apologies for being too dramatic, but there is always a way to packing makeup for a vacation, and we're about to tell you how.
Tips to Pack Your Makeup Bag for Travel
Only pick the must-haves

Easier said than done, isn't it? It's hard for any woman to pick up certain items and leave others out, because you never know when you'll be in the need for something, right? But seriously, you have to pack your makeup bag wisely to ensure that you're not lugging around stuff unnecessarily. For instance, a high SPF lip balm counts as an essential for a beach holiday, as opposed to a jar of rejuvenating face mask. It would really help if you make a list of things to carry, keeping in mind the purpose of your trip and the destination.

Emphasize on practicality

No, you don't need to carry 7 lip colors to a weekend trip. Yes, you can make do with the hair dryer that the hotel provides. No, that neon eye pencil cannot travel with you to the office conference. Place great importance on practicality, and only pack stuff that you honestly need. Beauty gadgets are bulky and heavy, so they're best left at home. The same applies to certain serums, conditioners, and moisturizers that you surely can live without for a few days.

Think smart

As cosmetic companies continue to dazzle us with their amazingly versatile products, can we afford to ignore them? So pack your eye pencil/lip liner, a lip tint that doubles up as a creamy blush, and a concealer stick that works as a foundation. All-in-one products like BB or CC creams offer the combined benefits of a moisturizer, sunblock, and foundation, so you'll end up carrying just one tube instead of three. As far as your fave fragrance is concerned, pick up a miniature roll-on when you buy a bottle, and save it for your trips.

Say no to bulk

Bulk comes in the form of makeup brushes, as each serves just one purpose. These brushes also need delicate handling, which is rather cumbersome if you're backpacking. Dismiss their inclusion by carrying to-be-applied-directly products like sticks or creams. Again, going by the previous point, stress on carrying versatile products. And if you absolutely cannot do without your makeup brushes, purchase a travel-sized kit to carry along.

Dramatically downsize

If your stay happens to be longish, you'll surely be yearning for your staples in a few days' time. To combat the separation anxiety, carry miniature versions of your must-haves. Most cosmetic makers offer travel kits of their best sellers, so stock these if you're a jet-setter. You can also purchase a set of small bottles or jars, and transfer your favorite lotions and potions into them instead of carrying those huge containers. Ziploc bags may also serve the purpose.

Don't get roomy

Just get yourself a really tiny, wallet-sized pouch to carry all your makeup goodies, and force yourself to fit in everything you need in there. If you honestly manage to do this, it means that you've actually followed every point mentioned here, and this entire operation has been a rip-roaring success!

Never get caught unawares

The second Sex and the City movie showed us how the Samantha Jones had to let go of her various potions at the customs just as she lands in Abu Dhabi. Well, if quirky (read: non-branded) products are your thing, you have to make sure that you're allowed to carry them to the country you're visiting. If you're doing so for medical reasons, you should carry detailed prescriptions along with you. Most countries maintain a list of import restrictions on their embassy website, so do check it out before you begin packing.

So, with all this in mind, I'm sure that packing your makeup bag isn't exactly going to be a dream. But suck it up, we have to, because rules are rules, after all. Get past it, and have the time of your life on your next holiday.