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Keep Fit While Traveling

Do you avoid going on long vacations just because you fear putting on weight? Or you don't eat your favorite food while on vacation, to stay in shape? If yes, then you need to read this article that will help you keep fit while you are traveling, and at the same time keep your spirits up by letting you indulge in yourself as well.
Vacayholics Staff
Traveling and going on a vacation is sheer fun! Wandering around in new places, meeting friends and new people, binging on food, and yes, letting go of the life back home for a while, all make traveling a cherished experience. Also on a vacation, you may sometimes overexert yourself, and soon after, be left to the confines of your cozy hotel room. As a result the routine goes haywire, and after the holiday - you end up looking plump and tired, and do not keep fit. The idea behind writing this article is to help you to compensate for not attending your gym or doing regular fitness activities during the vacation. I ensure that after you return from the vacation, your shape or stamina won't change a bit, in fact you will look leaner and feel fitter. Let's get started now.
Keeping Fit While You Travel
Being fit has more to it than having a good physique. To put it in simple words, fitness is more about having a healthy body and mind. When you are fit, you have the enthusiasm and the energy to do new things, and you feel energetic even after going through physical stress. Thus fitness is very essential during the vacation period too, because during traveling you have to strain your body a lot. To help you, I have compiled some tips. Sticking to these golden rules will ensure that you stay fit while traveling. The rules demand total dedication and a few sacrifices for them to work, read 'em all.
1. Search for options to keep yourself fit
Being fit is a matter of personal choice, place has no consideration. To cater to fitness freaks, most of the hotels offer facilities like a swimming pool or gymnasium. Inquire about such facilities, and benefit from them. Even if there is no such facility offered at the place you stay, you can run or jog, or exercise in the room itself. Even doing 45 minutes of physical activity daily is enough and it keeps us refreshed all day long. If it is your choice to select the vacation spot, choose a place that can get you to do some physical form of exercise like rock climbing or kayaking.
2. Hydrate yourself, and eat nutritious food
Let water be your favorite beverage this holiday season. Do I need to mention here why drinking water is important? It will keep you fuller for a long period of time. Moreover, it is a fact that after drinking artificially sweetened beverages you crave for more sweet. So keep a bottle of water with you always, while you are traveling. Alternatively, you can indulge in some refreshing and healthy drinks like fruit juices too. Also, always carry nuts in your bag that are both nutritious and filling.
3. Don't let your food temptations take control of you
Traveling means you are at a new place, which also means there are new joints and new delicacies to try. Your friends coax you to try food joints at their place, and you relent. So there you are gorging on a cheese chicken pizza, with chocolate mousse cake on the other plate. I sincerely hope you don't have to go through this. If you aim at fitness, fattening food is a strict no-no (especially if you are not working out). If you don't find anything healthy to eat, you should compensate eating unhealthy food by working out. Eating outside eatables daily is also not good for your stomach, and can wreak havoc on your digestive system. This also gives rise to a headache and stomach ailments. Also, avoid eating desserts, and if possible share it with someone. Take a long walk, jog, or play a game, just make sure you sweat it out in some way.
4. Stay away from binge drinking
That beer belly you hate is an outcome of drinking too much. A vacation is somewhat synonymous with excessive drinking and daily hangovers. So for a healthy heart and cardiovascular health, you should stay away from excessive drinking. Doing everything in moderation, and learning to say no is the key to healthy living. Drink moderately where ever you are, at home or on a vacation.
5. Read the following tips
  1. Use the stairs instead of the elevators, especially in the hotel. This is one way to keep fit and moving.
  2. Don't forget to take your gym clothes and shoes; let them travel with you always.
  3. Always keep some healthy food in your bag, this will especially come in handy when you run out of healthy food choices at the airport or any other place.
  4. Now comes the oft-repeated tip - eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a beggar. You should stick to this fitness rule even during a vacation.
  5. Keep your fitness level in check. Devices like a pedometer, glucometer, sphygmomanometer etc., can help you keep a check on your fitness.
  6. Last but not the least, don't spoil your holiday in repentance if you eat unhealthy food. Enjoy your food, eat slowly, just make sure you have done enough physical activity at the end of the day.
Traveling or vacation is meant for enjoyment, and you must enjoy it too. But like I say, fitness comes first, and you would also not like to spoil the hard work you put in the gym, before that holiday. I would like to conclude by saying, when you are on a holiday, enjoy, however, make sure you follow a healthy routine too.