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9 Magazines Every Traveler Should Subscribe To

9 Magazines Every Traveler Should Subscribe To

Looking for inspiration that will decide where your next holiday will be? Well, don't look further than this Vacayholics article, as we've lined up the most awesome travel magazines which will light up the way, just for you.
Renuka Savant
To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.
--Hans Christian Andersen

Summers, winters, autumns, spring, Christmas, New Year's Eve, make ups, breakups, honeymoons, minimoons, babymoons ... you name it, and we'll take it as an excuse to set off on a vacation. More so, when we have a plethora of these fabulous glossies to tell us everything we need to know about travel. We bring you a list of magazines that are considered to be the final word on all things travel.
9 Amazing Magazines for Travel Buffs

Lonely Planet
All you've got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over. So go!

Okay, Lonely Planet cannot be called a magazine, per se, but to leave it out of a list featuring the best travel publications would simply be unpardonable. Lonely Planet Guides have been worshiped as travel bibles, and with good reason. The journey began with Across Asia on the Cheap, a book about Maureen and Tony Wheeler's legendary road trip from Europe to Asia, and on to Australia. This was the same trip which left them broke, but completely exhilarated. Millions of book prints later, Lonely Planet is right on top of the game, being a beacon to every kind of traveler. No wonder then, that at the very mention of the t-word, the first name that springs to mind is Lonely Planet.

National Geographic Traveler
Nobody Knows This World Better.

National Geographic magazine is an icon, as it always has been, and their travel magazine is a fabulous extension of the same passion, dedication, and humility which is associated with the original. National Geographic Traveler does not like to waste space and ink on dolling up, it prefers breathing life into pages by giving you the real deal. In its own words, "It makes a distinction between tourism and travel, and stresses inquisitive not acquisitive trips". Heavy duty? You betcha.

Condé Nast Traveler
Truth in Travel.

Condé Nast Traveler epitomizes luxury, and promises to bring you the very best that our beautiful planet has to offer. So, don't expect features on dusty tuk-tuk rides, or dinner recommendations at a dai pai dong in Hong Kong within these pages. The guys at Condé Nast are posh as posh can be, so what you get is more on the lines of the super luxurious Hiltons and Hyatts.

Dream. Plan. Go.

Afar, in short, is truly inspirational. From creative Kolkata to crafty Buenos Aires, this magazine has all the dirt on everything travel. Afar will tell you where to find the best-est Devon scones in London. Afar will tell you where to shop for some amazing fabrics in the bylanes of Bandra, Mumbai. Afar will find you the best tour guide for your trip to the Australian outback. Just name a place, and Afar will take it from there.

Live Bravely.

As is quite apparent, Outside is one magazine that urges you to go, well, outside, and live up your adventurous side. It does not cater to those seeking spa retreats in Santorini. But if you're looking to find a scenic route for mountain biking along the Pacific coastline, or even the best quality gear to carry on a Himalayan expedition, this is the magazine for you.

The outdoors at your doorstep.

Backpacker is a magazine that brings you engaging content about backcountry adventure in North America. So, if a moonlit trek in Yosemite excites you, or if you're looking to know what it's like to ascend Mount Teneriffe, you have got to be a regular reader of Backpacker.

Global Traveler
The source for luxury business travelers.

Now this one's meant only for the high fliers who only travel business class. GT gives you the complete lowdown on all things luxe, including spas, golf, wine tasting, international products, impressive gadgets, chefs, sports, and travel health, directed towards the discerning traveler.

For those leisurely travels.

There are so many reasons to love T+L, and so little space to cover them all. But for starters, one just has to admire their expertise in reporting on culture, food, style, and design. The stunning photography featured here just transports you to the destination of your choice, and yet, leaves you thirsting for more.

Stirring curiosity in already receptive minds.

It may not be a travel magazine in the conventional sense, but when the Smithsonian speaks, we hang on to every single word with rapt attention. So, it could be about a world-class restaurant in the middle of Sweden's dense forests, or even about Area 51, the Smithsonian always has the final say on things.

Magazines are, and always have been, a rich source of information for every kind of travel enthusiast. Pick your favorite(s), and enjoy the read!