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What to Wear on a Plane

What to Wear on a Plane

Dressing sense for airplane journey is not inborn. It is usually acquired by traveling experience and some research. Browse through my article to understand what is to be worn during an airplane journey.
Anuja Marathe Kanhere
Plane travel tends to be lengthy most of the time. At such times, even an occasional traveler might actually be clueless about how to dress up for an airplane journey. There are people who put such doubts to rest by insisting that the attire worn on an airplane journey should be comfortable and chic for the traveler. At the same time, it should not be offensive and irritating to co-passengers. Here are a few tips on what exactly should be worn on a plane.
Dressing Tips for an Airplane Journey
It need not be told that airplane crew members tend to judge their passengers by the clothing that they wear. To put it simply, the clothing that you choose to wear should be elegant, dignified and comfortable. Remember, what might sound like comfortable clothing at home or on the beach, may not necessarily be appropriate for a plane journey. Avoid wearing short clothing or one that reveals your body curves to the last detail. There have been several instances where passengers were forced by the airline staff to either dress appropriately or alight the airplane.

✈ Length: Wear clothing that is long-sleeved and comfortable. I insist on long-sleeved because once the plane takes off, there is every chance of feeling cold due to low temperature settings on inflight air conditioners.

✈ Dark Clothing: During long journeys, your clothing might be accidentally subjected to food spills. Wearing dark clothing keeps the clothing from looking dirty. Plus, dark colors can keep warm during long journeys.

✈ Loose Fitting: Tight fitting can not just be offensive to some co-passengers, but they can also hamper your blood circulation. Clothes should be loose but perfectly fitting.

✈ Natural Fabrics: Use clothing in natural fibers like cottons as they suck the humidity. Avoid wearing clothes made of thin fibers as you might end up feeling too cold to enjoy your journey. It is better to dress up in soft and warm clothing.

✈ Extras: Wear a woolen jacket or sweater which can double up as your pillow whenever you feel like taking a nap during the journey. At the same time, carry a scarf or a stole along with some extra handkerchiefs to make your journey easy. Carry an eye mask to help you sleep well during your journey.
Inner Wear and Lingerie
Since plane journeys are long, use lingerie that is made from natural fibers like cottons and wool. You cannot negate the chances of mishaps on a plane journey. At such times, synthetic lingerie can be stifling and it also has a chance of catching fire easily. Avoid wearing synthetic lingerie, as it can lead to rashes and skin irritation during lengthy journeys.
✈ Flat Shoes: This advice is applicable especially for women. Avoid wearing high-heeled footwear during plane journey. High-heeled shoes can cause you a lot of discomfort during the flight. At the same time, they can get pretty uncomfortable when you have to take a long walk from the arrival gate to the customs section. From the airline's point of view, high-heeled shoes can damage the cabin carpet. Instead, wear one of your old pair of sneakers or flat soled footwear.

✈ Airy Footwear: Wear shoes that give plenty of space for air to move around your toes. One highly popular idea is to carry a pair of flip-flops in your cabin luggage and change your footwear once you are seated on the flight. 

✈ Extras: Carry a pair of socks and some foot cream with you as an added precaution.
Cosmetics and Accessories
There are some strict restrictions imposed on carrying liquid cosmetics like lotions and deodorants in pressurized bottles as part of your cabin luggage. Here are some more accessories that you should avoid carrying on the plane.

✈ Check the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website to get updated details on prohibited cosmetics on airplanes. However, you can definitely carry some face creams as well as lip gels to protect your skin during flights.

✈ Avoid wearing strong perfumes and aftershave lotions before boarding the flight. These might seem pleasant and fragrant to you, but your co-passenger might be allergic to the smell of such perfumes.

✈ Avoid wearing metal jewelry, metal cuff links or tie clips during your journey as they are prone to raise the alarm at security checks counter.
It never hurts to dress nicely for your airplane journeys. It not only ensures your safety during the journey but also helps the airline to serve you better. So, go ahead and have a safe journey!