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The World's Best Destinations for Chocoholics

The World's Best Destinations for Chocoholics
The world doesn't seem like such a bad place when you're nibbling on chocolate, does it? Its silken texture, carnal aroma, and eye-pleasing colors, can do more than take your taste buds for a sensory spin. The world's best destinations for chocoholics is exactly where you need to be, and we're telling you where to go, pronto.
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018
Eating chocolate is a felicity for anyone who enjoys a decadent array of its kind. Whether it's milk, white, or bittersweet chocolate, there's something special in store for everyone, whether you're fussy or easy to please. Ever wish you could walk into a town, and chance upon an abundance of chocolate stores that specialize in fine treats? We're not talking about ordinary concoctions, but the sort that will transport you to Utopia within seconds. From seemingly simple ingredients, it is incredible what chefs can come up with after years of practice and skill.
With the chocolate industry producing something new almost everyday, we as consumers, have a lot of catching up to do. The best way to make hard-to-find chocolates accessible, is to travel the world and let your taste buds lead the way. Before setting out on a vacation that is bound to one of these destinations, be sure to do your research about any important event or festival that may take place, in relation to chocolate. There's a special section on chocolate festivals that you'd be particularly interested in, but before that, let's take a look at the world's best destinations for chocoholics, where you can satiate your sugar-coated cravings.
Best Destinations for Chocoholics
Eating Belgian chocolate can only mean one thing - a sensorial trip to Eden. If you adore (and dream of) chocolate, then Belgium is the place to be. Not only does it boast of having over 2000 chocolatiers in the city - and the most chocolate industries in the world - but of preparing the finest chocolates that a country can produce. What gives Belgian chocolates its unrivaled reputation of producing the best chocolate, is the traditional method used while preparing it. The ingredients of Belgian chocolates are never compromised for cheap substitutes, where these delectable treats are one of the world's best offerings.

Places to Visit:
• Mary - Artisan Chocolatier
• Benoit Nihant Chocolatier
• Galler Chocolatier
• Leonidas
• Chocolatier Manon
• Neuhaus
• Passion Chocolat
• Wittamer
• Pierre Marcolini Chocolates
• Corne 1932
• Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier
• Depla Pol
• Chocolaterie t' Begijntje
• Del Rey
• Jean-Philippe Darcis Chocolatier
Switzerland has achieved remarkable breakthroughs in the chocolate-making industry, like the ingenious 'tempering process', as well as being the first to prepare milk, hazelnut, and filled chocolate. Most of us know what these taste like, but when combined with Swiss chocolate, the experience is nothing short of sensational. Swiss chocolate suffered greatly during the Great Depression, since sales were crippled internationally. They also lost their once-popular military consumers. Since then, it has crawled its way back to the top, as one of the most coveted luxury chocolate preparations.
Places to Visit:
• Jacques Castello
• Teuscher
• Chocolats Blondel Chocolatier
• Confiserie Sprüngli
• Café Conditorei Schober
• Chocolaterie Du Rhône
• Godiva
• Confiseur Laderach
• Chocolaterie des Bergues
• Confiserie Arn
• Villars Chocolate Shop
• Chocolaterie Stettler
• La Maison du Cacao
• Zogg
• Martel Chocolate Shop
• Favarger
• La Bonbonnière
• Choco Loco Store
The French aren't only famous for their enviable selection of cheese, but for their über-luxe array of chocolates. They're known for sensuality and portraying exceedingly romantic gestures; when combined with their culinary expertise, the combination is an explosion of art and expression. Using an impressive selection of exotic fruits and unique ingredients, French chocolate is simply magnifique. Stroll the streets of Paris and let your palate be your guide, for this city isn't just about its fashion-centric reputation.
Places to Visit:
• La Maison du Chocolat
• Cacao et Chocolat
• Maison Boissier Chocolatier
• De Chocolat De Neuville Boutique
• La Fontaine au Chocolat Boutique
• Chocolats Joséphine Vannier
• Patrick Roger Chocolatier
• Jean-Charles Rochoux Chocolatier
• À la Mere de Famille Boutique
• Le Bonbon au Palais
• Christian Constant Chocolaterie
• Michel Cluizel Chocolatier
• Henri Le Roux Caramélier et Chocolatier
The Spaniards would relish chocolate by drinking a mixture of cocoa and sugarcane, with an addition of pungent ingredients for flavor. As insipid as the drink was, its popularity superseded coffee. Gradually over time, the drink was turned into a delightfully spiced preparation that was much-loved. So revered was chocolate, that the Spaniards called it 'A Gift from the Gods', and even used it as currency. Today, Spain is known for its unusually toothsome chocolate preparations (and hot chocolate), that are unlike any of the sort you'd normally come across.
Places to Visit:
• Museu De La Xocolata
• La Mallorquina
• Cacao Sampaka
• Enric Rovira Chocolate Shop
• Valor Chocolate
• El Leon Dulce Chocolate
• San Ginés Chocolate
• La Pallaresa Chocolate Restaurant
• Bellart Chocolate Shop
• Chocolat Factory
• Xocoa BCN
• Café Granja Viader
• La Granja Chocolate Restaurant/Café
Ghana in Africa, produces unarguably high-quality cocoa beans, that provide approximately 68% of the world's cocoa. What's incredible about Africa, is that it has a number of handcrafted chocolates that are made by loving, expert hands, and available in a number of locations in the south. With hard-to-find ingredients, exotic additions, and a sense of perfecting an old-world tradition, these African folk know how to make a top-notch batch of chocolate. Also, a lot of stores keep a stock of exported varieties of chocolate, especially Belgian.
Places to Visit:
• Moniki Chocolates
• Von Geusau Chocolates
• The Chocolate Tier
• Chocolate Time Store
• Chocolats Marionnettes
• GaBoLi Chocolates
• Geldhof Chocolatier
• DV Artisan Chocolates
• Honest Raw Organic Chocolates
• Geldhof Chocolatier
• Rococo's Restaurant
• Snyman Sjokolateur Chocolates
• Old Biscuit Mill Organic Chocolate Factory
United States
The US is known for its eclectic cornucopia of authentic dishes from around the world, including its signature American meals. What a lot of people don't know is that the country isn't all about chunky steaks and cheesy fries, but the sweet stuff too. San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, are just some cities that offer the most dreamy selection of chocolates. While visiting the United States, it's fair to say that a trip to other cities will be well worth your time (and money), when scouring shops for chocolate treats.
Places to Visit:
• Taza Chocolate Factory
• Chuao Chocolatier
• Norman Love Confections
• CocoaBella Chocolates
• Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven
• L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates
• Chocolat Moderne
• Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co.
• Australian Homemade
• Harbor Sweets
• Recchiuti Confections
• Mast Brothers Chocolates
• Dagoba Organic Chocolates
• Xocolatti Chocolate Store
• FP Patisserie
• Michael Mischer Chocolates
• Lake Champlain Chocolates
• Armani Dolci Chocolates
• Casa de Chocolates
The English really know how to hone their skills, and chocolate-making is just one such niche that they've tamed and grasped quite beautifully. Once you arrive, you'll be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of what this noteworthy, elegant country has to offer. In the fancy parts of the UK, you'll stumble upon quaint stores as well as massive shops, that beckon passersby with their scintillating spread of chocolates and other treats. A trip to the UK will provide an exploration of sorts for a chocoholic, so be sure that your itinerary includes these must-see stops.
Places to Visit:
• Chocolate Boutique Hotel
• Artisan du Chocolat
• Paul A Young Fine Chocolates
• Melt Chocolates
• Montezuma's Chocolates
• Rococo Chocolates
• Cocomaya Chocolates
• William Curley Chocolates
• Pierre Hermé Chocolaterie
• Melange Chocolate
• Demarquette Fine Chocolates
• Alexeeva & Jones Chocolates
• Prestat Chocolates
• Rabot Estate at Borough Market
The tranquil panorama of Canada will comfort travelers hailing from noisy cities, and gladden the hearts of those who languish for a box of dainty chocolates. Besides being known for their multicultural features, Canada is a melting pot of not just a rich and artful history, but a desirable selection of fine chocolates. This country is a haven for chocoholics who will surrender most willingly to what it has to offer, where perusing chocolate shops will be an unforgettable experience.
Places to Visit:
• BETA5 Chocolates
• Chocolatier Constance Popp
• Rheo Thompson Candies
• Sweet Lollapalooza
• Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop
• Odile Chocolat
• Harden & Huyse Chocolates
• Stickler Chocolates
• Chocolate Barr's Candies
• Rheo Thompson Candies
• Mink Chocolates Café
• Purdy's
• Newfoundland Chocolate Company
• Decadence Chocolates
• Casteleyn Belgian Chocolatiers
• Miss Chocolat • Epiphanie Chocolates
• SOMA Chocolatemaker
• Forrat's Chocolates
• Koko Chocolates
• Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry
• Terrible Truffles
• Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut
• Chocolate Arts
• Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois
The parlance of Australians is instantly recognizable, where their cheerful, robust accents are not just amusing, but immensely likable. The Australian people aren't just amicable by nature, but are known for cooking up a storm within mere minutes. It is safe to say that they are masters in the art of cooking, slowly gaining laurels worldwide for not just their cuisine, but their luscious chocolates and desserts. You'll find in alleyways and along sidewalks, a plentiful variety of shops to pick and choose your goodies from.
Places to Visit:
• Chokolait Chocolate Store
• Kakawa Chocolate House
• Vanderwee Chocolates
• Bon Bon Fine Chocolates
• Cadbury Visitor Centre
• Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio
• Darrell Lea Chocolate Store
• Koko Black Store
• Coco Monde Chocolateria
• Gelateria Theobroma
• Chocolates Del Mondo Chocolates
• Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
• Haigh's Chocolates
• Chocogram Chocolates
• Princess Coco Chocolaterie
• Ganache Chocolate Store
• Chocolate Bean Chocolatier
• Noosa Chocolate Factory
• Anjinho Artisan Chocolates & Sweets
• Bracegirdle's House of Fine Chocolate
• ChocolArts Handcrafted Chocolates
Satisfy your gastronomical cravings with Italy's scrumptious cuisine and sweet treats, by traversing its many cities. Like France, Italy too has its share of toothsome cheese varieties, where the much-loved Parmigiano-Reggiano (Parmesan) is a specialty of the region, and is of course a worldwide favorite in the kitchen. The Italians are far-famed for their uncanny ability of assembling a dish using minimal, fresh ingredients, with outstanding results. Chocolate of course, is a story that is best told through one's palate.
Places to Visit:
• Cioccogelateria Venchi Restaurant
• DeBondt Chocolate Store
• Maglio Chocolate Store
• Amedei Chocolate Store
• Venchi Chocolate Store
• Domori Chocolates
• Pernigotti Chocolates
• Cioccolosità Chocolates
• L'Artigiano Chocolates
• Guido Gobino Chocolates
• Cioccotalia Chocolates
• Roberto Catinari Chocolatier
• Pasticceria Mannori Chocolates
• Andrea Slitti Chocolate and Coffee
• Fiera del Cioccolato Artigianale Chocolates
When one thinks of Scotland, a mental image conjures of a Scot wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipe. But the Scots have more to them than their tartan skirt, and noisy instrument. While the Scots are known as the proud producers of A-grade whiskey, they're also fine artisans of the chocolate industry. While in Scotland, chocoholics will be ecstatic when they chance upon Hotel Chocolat, nestled in Edinburgh. It isn't a hotel per se, but an elite destination that combines the best of both worlds - chocolate and luxury. Plus, they grow their own cocoa.
Places to Visit:
• Cocoa Black Chocolate Shop
• The Chocolate Tree Café
• Charlotte Flower Chocolates
• Maya Belgian Chocolates
• Coco Chocolate
• Oban Chocolate Company
• Hot Chocolates
• Scottish Chocolate Centre
• Islay Chocolate Co.
• Crymbles Confectionery
• The Highland Chocolatier
• Thinking Chocolate
• Border Tablet Chocolatier
• Hebridean Toffee Company
• Kimble's Café Chocolates Deli
• Berry Scrumptious Chocolates
• Cocoa Ooze Store
• Cocoa Mountain Café
Aromatic, spicy, and sumptuous are words that best describe Mexican food, where it can be a little too hot to handle for many, but well worth the experience. Against a breathtaking backdrop of beaches, palm trees, and a bustling city, Mexico has its share of chocolate shops that offer exceptionally unique varieties. After spending a lazy day at the beach, treat yourself to a hot cup of cocoa or even better, a box full of carefully-prepared chocolates.
Places to Visit:
• Kakawa Chocolate House
• Chocolates Kaokao Factory
• Ah Cacao Chocolate Store
• Briguette Local Chocolates
• Chocolate Mayordomo
• Benito Juárez Market
• Guelaguetza Chocolates
• Chiammaya Chocolate Store
• Xocodiva Restaurant
• Ki Xocolatl Café and Boutique
• Mina Street Marketplace
• Chocolate Fantasia
• Soledad Chocolates
• Tout Chocolat Chocolates
• Pochimilco Marketplace
Saint Lucia
If someone were to give you a pictorial explanation of Saint Lucia, you'd fall head over heels for this Caribbean beauty. Nestled within the island cluster of the Caribbean, Saint Lucia is a volcanic island that features the impressive twin peaks, the Pitons. After a lazy day in the sun or a pleasant brunch, you'll want to explore the island for its beautiful chocolate varieties, that are unlike anything you've ever tasted before. Check out Boutique Boucan Hotel located in Soufrière; its chocolate-themed interiors and lovely desserts at Boucan Restaurant, will leave you breathless.
Places to Visit:
• Jade Mountain Resort
• The Marquis Estate
• Calabash Cove Resort & Spa
• Sugar Beach: A Viceroy Resort
• Morne Coubaril Estate
• Bay Gardens Beach Resort
• Fond Doux Estate
• Coconut Bay Resort
• La Dauphine Estate
• Ti Kaye Village Resort
• Cap Maison Hotel
• Anse Chastanet Resort
• Ladera Resort
The 'Island of Spice' is known for its abundant stock of valued spices, with mace and nutmeg being its most sought-after variety. Situated amidst the Caribbean sea, Grenada is a sight to behold, with its still blue waters and resplendently green surroundings. The island is famous for its award-winning brand of chocolate, simply called The Grenada Chocolate Company, where you'll find the factory base at St. Patrick's. If you don't have time to visit the factory, you'll chance upon the chocolate bars in shops around the island.
Places to Visit:
• Spiceland Mall International
• Bruce Street Mall
• Grenada Carlton Cocoa Fermentary
• Dougaldston Estate
• The Esplanade
• Duty Free Caribbean
• Grand Anse Shopping Centre
• Le Marquis Shopping Centre
• Caribbean Naturals Store
• Arawak Islands Shopping Factory
Ecuador is a major producer of cacao beans, shrimp, and fruit varieties, with the sort of cuisine that isn't complex to prepare, but still quite flavorful. While Ecuador is a city that must be thoroughly explored, there are a lot of places that chocoholics will find pleasant and memorable. While in Ecuador, indulge in the region's prized organic chocolate selections, that are readily available in local stores around the city. How about taking up a chocolate-making class while you're there? It'll give you a chance to explore alien flavors that will not only arouse, but educate your taste buds.
Places to Visit:
• Kallari Café
• Republica del Cacao Café
• Vintage Plantations Chocolates
• Mindo Chocolate Plantation
• Galeria Ecuador Gourmet
• Corazon del Ecuador Chocolates
• Jeffrey Stern's Chocolate-Making Classes
• Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel
Portugal is a country that has a rich culture with Mediterranean details, especially in their food. Desserts cannot do without a generous inclusion of eggs and vanilla, where seafood is a dietary staple. If you've ever heard of, been to, or seen photographs of Goa (India), you'll find heavy Portuguese influences in their architecture and cuisine. The cobbled streets and multicolored thatch-roofed houses, are reminiscent of the Portuguese's prior reign in Goa. When it comes to Portugal's array of chocolates, the country doesn't fail to impress tourists with their offerings.
Places to Visit:
• Xocoa Chocolate Store
• Pastelaria Versailles Chocolates
• Rojo Café/Chocolate Shop
• Bem me quer Restaurant
• São Tomé Chocolate Store
• Cacao Sampaka Cafeteria
• Claudio Corallo Café
• ELGG Gourmet Chocolate Store
• Casa Grande Chocolatier
• Mercado Chocolate Shop
• Living Lounge Hostel
• Jerónimo Martins Candy Store
• Sweet Lisbon River Guesthouse
• El Corte Inglês Gourmet
• Café-Restaurante Martinho da Arcada
• O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo
Imagine living in a country that has the best view of not just any mountain range, but of the Alps. Replete with lakes, rivers, valleys, a staggeringly lovely view of the Alps, and a city that breathes architectural excellence, Austria can be considered as one of the few places that count as heaven on earth. Once you've tasted their cuisine, there's no going back. While in Austria, you must visit places like Mehlspeisen Bakery and Hotel Sacher, and try divine desserts like Germknödel, Apfelstrudel, and Kaiserschmarrn, especially the mouth-watering specialty, Sachertorte (sinful dark chocolate cake).
Places to Visit:
• Oberlaa Chocolates
• Confectionery Manner
• Confiserie Heindl
• Altmann & Kühne Chocolaterie
• Der Demel Pastry Shop
• XOXOLAT Chocolaterie
• Zum Schwarzen Kameel
• Leschanz Schokolade
• Fürst Confectionery
• Schokov Chocolaterie
• Gerstner Chocolaterie
• Bonbons Chocolaterie
• Fruth Chocolaterie
• Demmers Teehaus
• Schoko-Laden-Werkstatt Chocolates
Germany sits amidst chocoholic territory, flagged by fine chocolate producers - Belgium, Switzerland, France, and Austria. Besides having the sort of geography that anyone would fall in love within a heartbeat, Germany has a multifaceted culture that dwells on the powerful and artistic. Their cuisine speaks for the country in terms of richness and aesthetic splendor. As the original makers of the dreamy Black Forest cake, Germany takes the limelight when it comes to concocting some of the best desserts and treats in the world.
Places to Visit:
• Ludwig Schokolade
• Schokovida Confectionery
• Confiserie Coppeneur
• Götterspeise Chocolaterie & Café
• Choco Monde Confectionery
• RC-Confiserie
• Sweets Jochen Opitz
• Hachez Chocolate Shop
• Imhoff-Stollwerck-Museum
• Alois Dallmayr Department Store
• GötterSpeise Chocolaterie/Café
• Alimentaria Tivona Confectionery
• Café Ströbele
• Franz-Kontor für Schokolade
• Stolberg Schokoladen Confectionery
• Erich Hamann Schokolade Chocolate Factory
Who here, doesn't love sushi? Alright, maybe not everyone goes bonkers over this raw preparation, but I definitely think it's a great meal. Not only is it light and nutritious, but if handled skillfully while using fresh produce, it can be quite a dish. While Japanese people are known for their simple yet immaculately-prepared meals, it is their chocolate that tourists aren't very familiar with. Some of the best chefs come from Japan; chocoholics in particular, can take great pleasure in knowing that they're in for a sweet surprise.
Places to Visit:
• Michel Chaudun Chocolate Café
• Chocolat Mont St. Clair
• Pascal Caffet Nihonbashi
• Palet D'r Boutique/Café
• Toraya Confectionery
• Royce' Chocolate Store
• Jean-Paul Hevin Chocolatier
• Kyotofu, Tofu Dessert Café
• Patisserie Tadashi Yanagi
• Wako Chocolate Salon
• Godiva Chocoiste Store
• Anténor Patisserie
• Oriol Balaguer Chocolates
• Decadence du Chocolat
• 100% Chocolate Café
• Shiroi Koibito Park
• À tes souhaits Chocolate Boutique
• Toshi Yoroizuka Chocolates
• Le Chocolat De H Shop
• Théobroma Chocolate Shop
• Quil Fait Bon Café
Top Chocolate Festival Destinations
A hardcore chocoholic isn't true to his/her persona, if he/she don't visit a chocolate festival or two. Imagine being surrounded by nothing but chocolate - massive chocolate structures, abstract chocolate art, chocolate-tasting sessions, stalls of carefully packaged chocolates, chocolate-themed fashion shows. Phew! Let's take a look at some of the best chocolate festivals around the globe, shall we?
Bruges, Belgium

Choco-Laté Festival
Paris, France
Salon du Chocolat
New York, US
us napple bottom
The NY Chocolate Show
Umbria, Italy
EuroChocolate Festival
London, England
britain lapel button
The Chocolate Festival
Tübingen, Germany
ChocolART Festival
Linkoping, Sweden
Linkoping Chocolate Festival
Shanghai, China
World Chocolate Wonderland
New Brunswick, Canada
canada flag
Chocolate Fest
Melbourne, Australia
Australia flag
Chocolate Rush Festival
Mexico City, Mexico
Salón Chocolate Festival
Other Festivals:
The Chicago Fine Chocolate Show (Chicago, US)
The Festival of Chocolate (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Chocolate Fest (St. Stephen's, Canada)
Miami Fine Chocolate & Food Show (Miami, US)
York Chocolate Festival (York, UK)
CioccolaTò Festival (Turin, Italy)
Toronto Chocolate Festival(Toronto, Canada)
Kaua'i Chocolate Conference(Hawaii, US)
Andrew Farrugia, a renowned Maltese chocolatier, set a Guinness World Record for the world's longest chocolate structure. The creation was a steam train, complete with wagons, a restaurant, and even a bar. It was designed to look like Belgium's old train wagons, spanning a length of an astounding 111.5 feet, with 784 man hours involved to complete the prodigious project. It was unveiled at Brussels Chocolate Week, and was made using fine Belgian chocolate.
The masterful techniques that go behind making high-quality chocolate are unfathomable by common folk; we're clueless about the painstaking process that goes behind making a batch of this wondrous treat. The festivals are a great opportunity to see chefs and artisans do what they do best, from scratch. It gives one a glimpse into the world of chocolate, where you not only get to see how it's done, but you also get to devour it.