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Best Time to Book Flights to Europe

Best Time to Book Flights to Europe

Booking flight tickets to Europe, or any other country for that matter, is no small task. Plan your holiday well in advance, and follow the tips mentioned in this Vacayholics article for more information.
Sheetal Mandora
With the world becoming more and more accessible, all you have to do is pick a country or city to visit, and be there in a matter of days. So if Europe is on your mind, let us help you find the best deal possible.

Tip #1 - Avoid Peak Season Traveling

We all know that traveling during peak season can put a dent in your wallet. And even if the temptation to marvel the Sistine Chapel, Eiffel Tower, or the Colosseum might urge you to book the first flight out, I urge you to stop, and think for a moment. If you travel during a major festival or the peak holiday season, you're in for a big trouble. You not only will spend more money on the tickets, but will also find loads of crowd at all the famous tourist spots. Now that doesn't sound like a fun vacation, does it? Spending more and standing in long lines is not what you bargained for. So try booking your flights to the Mediterranean during the winter season. And as for a skiing vacation in the Alps, go with the summer package. During these off-season months, the airline companies become desperate to sell tickets and fill their planes. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Tip #2 - No Peak Season, No Off-season

Not many people are aware of this, but right in the middle of the peak and off-season lies a secret season called the shoulder season―April to the beginning of June, and September to October. Planning your trip in these months means, finding the right deal. Many popular spots are open for public at this time but you may have to sacrifice on certain attractions. You can check the details on the attractions you want to visit before booking the flights. The weather on the other hand is really good, giving you plenty of relaxing time to roam around the city.

Tip #3 - Always Plan Ahead of Time

Making last-minute plans gives you no room to search for flights at leisure. Let's say for example, you want to visit Europe in September or October. So technically, you need to start making your plans from the month of March. So if you begin as early as possible, you can easily find better deals. As your travel dates begin to close in, the airline companies jack up the prices to make more money. And since the flights are relatively empty months in advance, you get a good deal and excellent seats.

Tip #4 - Weekends are a Big No-No

Booking flights during the weekends is not a smart move. As more people travel during the weekend, the flights are relatively more expensive. And along with the flight tickets, even hotel prices touch the skies. So keep weekends at bay and choose weekdays open. Also, be flexible with your dates. Don't plan your vacation around your holidays. In fact, you should select your time off work after you've found the best deal.

Tip #5 - No Direct Flights

I know I am repeating myself, but non-stop flights are expensive. You can opt for a layover in London and then take another flight out to the city you wish to visit. There are many, many flights from London to Europe. You're bound to find a good, lower airfare flight to Europe. But this will work only when you make the plans in advance. So get going.

Follow the above mentioned tips on finding the right time to book flights to Europe and go on the vacation of your dreams. Plan your vacation right and enjoy the gorgeous and breathtaking Europe. Bon Voyage!
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